The Gather Supplies is a 3rd of Master Lu Challenges, released on June 8, 2012. Master Lu has a new task for you in Jade Falls! Back For More? Some things can be seen when you don’t use your eyes. To be well equipped is the first step to success. Gather Bread Crumbs, Water Bottles and Hiking Sticks to finish this challenge.

Completing Master Lu’s challenge will reward you with Zen Point-icon 150 zen points and 1 Mini Maze decoration.

To complete it the player have 7 days:

File:Bread Crumb-icon.png
7x Bread Crumbs Skip for Cash-icon 7 cash
Water Bottle-icon
7x Water Bottles Skip for Cash-icon 7 cash
Hiking Stick-icon
10x Hicking Sticks Skip for Cash-icon 10 cash

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