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Garden Sheds are buildings that were available in FarmVille.

This building could be purchased at the market for either 30,000 coins 30,000 coins or 30 cash 30 cash. However, you needed to have at least 10 neighbors to be able to buy one with Coins. The Garden Shed was originally only available to a random selection of farmers but it was later released to everyone.

The Garden Shed could be used to store a Perfect bunch of Flowers that you'd find on your own farm while harvesting flowers. You could not store perfect bunches that your neighbors shared with you in the garden shed. You had to store those in your gift box. Flowers in your shed could either be used on your farm or posted on Facebook for your neighbors. Once these flowers were placed on your farm they would live for 14 or 20 days, depending how they were obtained.

When a farmer bought a Garden Shed, they would receive 10 free bunches of flowers (normally 5 Lavender and 5 Pink Roses - each of which lasted for 14 days when placed on your farm). If you lost or sold your Garden Shed and then bought another, you would not get another set of extra bunches. On October 14th, 2010, Garden Shed capacity was upgraded from 30 to 100. Farmers could store 100 perfect bunches in the Garden Shed.

It is possible that as Zynga introduced Bloom Garden's, the use of the Garden Shed became obsolete.