Fortune Teller Machine
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First date available: unknown
Last date available: present
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Tile: land

The Fortune Teller Machine is a new feature where you will be able to collect Tarot Cards and redeem them for special prizes.

In order to unlock and play the Puzzles inside the Fortune Teller Machine, you will need to collect all 3 types of the following Tarot Cards:

Past Tarot Card Present Tarot Card Future Tarot Card
Past Tarot Card-icon Present Tarot Card-icon Future Tarot Card-icon

Fortune Teller Machine PrizesEdit

Combination of needed tarot cards for each reward is on individual pages.

Image Prize
Old Telescope-icon Old Telescope
Floating Mirror-icon Floating Mirror
Gypsy Wagon-icon Gypsy Wagon
Abandoned Sundial-icon Abandoned Sundial
Paper Fire Tree-icon Paper Fire Tree
Ruby Red Direwolf-icon Ruby Red Direwolf
Baby Carnival Elephant-icon Baby Carnival Elephant
Tarot Card Tree-icon Tarot Card Tree
Celestial Gypsy Horse-icon Celestial Gypsy Horse
Purple Jade Panther-icon Purple Jade Panther


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