The Fishing Hole is a building in FarmVille. It was released in May 2012. The base can be placed on the land tiles of any farm. It requires lures, fishing poles, and lily pads to construct, as shown below. You can also use Special Delivery Boxes in place of the regular materials needed to construct the Fishing Hole. It can be harvested every 1 day for Special Delivery Boxes (SDB).

You can build one Fishing Hole on each of your farms.

Building Your Fishing HoleEdit

As of 4/27/2014, there are 21 farms in Farmville, including Sunshine Meadows. This means that if you have a fully upgraded fishing hole on every farm, you can harvest a maximum of 126 special delivery boxes per day, which can be used in place of parts on just about anything in the game.

If you have one Fishing Hole on each farm, you start out being able to harvest 21 special delivery boxes per day. At first, upgrading is very slow, but be patient, as each stage gets easier and easier to upgrade to. At Stage 1, It will take two days of harvesting to upgrade 1 hole to the next level, thus upgrading your network to level 2 will take about a month and a half, unless you use external Special Delivery boxes to support the effort. However, once your network is at Stage 3, you'll be able to harvest 3 * 21 = 63 SDB boxes per day, so you'll be able to upgrade 1.5 holes per day, so upgrading your network to Stage 4 should take about 3 weeks.

Stage Materials Needed Harvest
Fishing Pole-icon
Fishing Pole*
Lily Pad-icon
Lily Pad*
Stage 1 (base) FREE FREE FREE Special Delivery Box-icon
Special Delivery Box x1
Stage 2 12 15 15 Special Delivery Box-icon
Special Delivery Box x2
Stage 3 14 17 17 Special Delivery Box-icon
Special Delivery Box x3
Stage 4 (finished) 15 20 20 Special Delivery Box-icon
Special Delivery Box x6
  • Special Delivery Boxes can be substituted for all building materials.

Gallery Edit

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