The Fertile Soil is a consumable in FarmVille. It can be crafted in Craftshop with 4 Manure Bags, 4 Semillon Grape Bushels and 2 Pumpkin Bushels after 6 hours. It can be bought from Market for Cash-icon 2 cash. It's also available for claiming as friend wall post share. It's used for building and upgrading Australian Vineyard on Australia (farm).

Acquisition Edit

Recipe Edit

Fertile Soil can be created in the Craftshop by crafting the below Bushel combination over a 6 hour period:

Building Ingredients Product
Craftshop Manure Bag-icon
4x Manure Bag
Semillon Grape Bushel-icon
4x Semillon Grape
Pumpkin Bushel-icon
2x Pumpkin
Fertile Soil-icon
Fertile Soil

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