The Father's Day Event is an event in FarmVille. It started on June 17th, 2011 and finished on June 30th, 2011.

Items Edit

New items were released during the event.

Image Name Cost Type
Emperor Penguins-icon Emperor Penguins Cash-icon 16 cash Animal
Boar (Leopard)-icon Boar (Leopard) Cash-icon 25 cash Animal
Ram (Leopard)-icon Ram (Leopard) Cash-icon 30 cash Animal
Father Gnome-icon Father Gnome Cash-icon 15 cash Decoration
Fathers Day Sign-icon Father's Day Sign Coin-icon 20,000 coins Decoration
Rooster with Chicks-icon Rooster with Chicks Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Father Tree-icon Father Tree Cash-icon 5 cash Tree
Giant Father Tree-icon Giant Father Tree Cash-icon 10 cash Tree


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