Fashion Bug
Fashion Bug-icon

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Job Information
First date available: April 2, 2010
Last date available: May 31, 2013
Type of Job reward
Join Level see Template:infobox-co-op_job for template instructions
Description Grow grapes to turn into dye!
Seed and
Grape-icon x {{{seedamount1}}}
Gold Medal-icon 2 days 0 hours
Coin-icon 846 coins
958 XP
Silver Medal-icon 3 days 0 hours
Coin-icon 747 coins
844 XP
Bronze Medal-icon 4 days 21 hours
Coin-icon 622 coins
703 XP
Special Reward no special reward

Fashion Bug is a co-op job. To master it, the co-op must grow 1275 grapes in 4 days and 21 hrs. The gold reward (master it in 2 days) is a Grape Sheep.

The story reads as follows:

Hello darling. I had a fabulous idea - creating 'organic' clothing. Don't worry about the details; I already have the wool and just need dye. You provide me with grapes and I'll take it from there.

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