The Farmhand is a Consumable that can be bought from the market at a cost of 5 Farm Cash each in the "Animal" section. They can also be received randomly when collecting from a Horse Stable or found in a Mystery Gift or Mystery Egg. Once received, a farmer may use them to collect from every roaming animal on their farm that is ready to be collected from, with a single click. The Farmhands will not transform animals, such as Baby Turkey and Ugly Duckling. It won't collect from Beehives, Pig Pens, Chicken Coops, Dairy Farms, Horse Stables, Turkey Roosts, Duck Ponds, or Sheep Pens either. Farmhands may only be used once.

In June 2011, Farmhands were re-named as Farmhand.

Trivia Edit

As well as Arborists, Farmhands were first found in the Upgrade Farm section of the market.


A Farmhand can be created in the Craftshop by crafting the below bushel combination over a 4 hour period:

Building Stars Ingredients Product
Craftshop 0
Cotton Bushel-icon

1x Cotton
Soybean Bushel-icon

3x Soybeans
Cherry Basket-icon

1x Cherry Basket



Main article: Mastery
Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 10
Level 2 30
Level 3 60
Farmhand Mastery Sign-icon

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