The Farm Stand is countdown activity in FarmVille that lasts for 14 days plus extra 4 days if you was not able to get all 14 items. It started on July 18th, 2013.

During the event, Farmers could ask/send neighbors a special item each day, called "item of the day". If the farmer missed a day, then they still could buy the missed item of that day with FarmVille Cash or ask neighbors for it. After collecting all 14 items, the farmer will be rewarded with 1 of 5 special bonus prizes if rank in high enough along ALL PLAYERS.

You can ask friends for help via wall post every 3 hours. After revealing Day 14 price and completing it you can get special trophy if you are at top 5 along your neighbors in saling.

Released items by days:Edit

Farm Stand Day 1 Ask friends to sell Corn (need 4 helpers) Purple Corn Cow-icon
Purple Corn Cow
Farm Stand Day 2 Ask friends to sell Rainbow Fruit (need 6 helpers) Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree-icon
Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree
Farm Stand Day 3 Ask friends to sell Blueberries (need 6 helpers) Blueberry Bear-icon
Blueberry Bear
Farm Stand Day 4 Ask friends to sell Pears (need 7 helpers) Pearakeet-icon
Farm Stand Day 5 Ask friends to sell Pineapple (need 7 helpers) Pineapple Upside Down Tree-icon
Pineapple Upside Down Tree
Farm Stand Day 6 Ask friends to sell Cucumber (need 7 helpers) Pink Cucumber Magnolia Tree-icon
Pink Cucumber Magnolia Tree
Farm Stand Day 7 Ask friends to sell Watermelon (need 8 helpers) Watermelon Zebra-icon
Watermelon Zebra
Farm Stand Day 8 Ask friends to sell Brussel Sprouts (need 8 helpers) Brussel Sprout Tree-icon
Brussel Sprout Tree
Farm Stand Day 9 Ask friends to sell Rambutan (need 9 helpers) Rambutan Tree-icon
Rambutan Tree
Farm Stand Day 10 Ask friends to sell Cabbage (need 10 helpers) Cabbage Cat-icon
Cabbage Cat
Farm Stand Day 11 Ask friends to sell Banana (need 10 helpers) Banana Porcupine-icon
Banana Porcupine
Farm Stand Day 12 Ask friends to sell Asparagus (need 10 helpers) Asparagus Tree-icon
Asparagus Tree
Farm Stand Day 13 Ask friends to sell Peach (need 10 helpers) Peach Panda-icon
Peach Panda
Farm Stand Day 14 Ask friends to sell Cherry (need 12 helpers) Lucky Cherry Unicorn-icon
Lucky Cherry Unicorn


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