FarmVille's 1st B-Day occurred between June 17, 2010, and July 1, 2010 to celebrate the first anniversary of FarmVille. This event is different from the Birthday Event. To celebrate this event, all farmers received a free 1-Year Balloon in their gift box and were able to plant and harvest Cupcakes, which could be mastered and were also part the limited edition Co-Op farming job, FarmVille's Birthday!

Items Edit

Animal Image Source Type
Cupcakes Cupcakes-icon Coin-icon 25 coins Seed
Party Duck Party Duck-icon Lost Animal
Party Pig Party Pig-icon I gift Gifting Animal
Birthday Sheep Birthday Sheep-icon Co-op Job Animal
Farmville's B-Day Farmville's B-Day-icon Coin-icon 10,000 coins Decoration
1-Year Balloon 1-Year Balloon-icon Gift from Farmville Decoration

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