This is the page for reporting vandalism anywhere on the wiki, including pages, forums and comments. Vandalism on pages can be reverted, and users warned, but some vandalism is more difficult to remove. If you do not feel comfortable with reverting an edit, feel free to report it here instead. If the vandalism requires immediate attention (e.g., pornography), and no admins are available, please contact the VSTF.

How to use
To use this page, click here leave a new message with the vandal's username or IP in the title. The below template will automatically be inserted into the editing box, all that you need to do is fill it out.
{{IP-vandalInsert vandal's username or IP hereInsert page name hereEnter any other relevant text, and sign here with four ~ }}

For example, {{IP-vandalSampleSample_pageNothing, really. ~~~~ }} Provides:

Possible vandal - Sample (Contribs - Deleted Contribs - Logs - Block log - Talk - Block)
Page vandalized - Sample_page (diff - history)
Additional comments - Nothing, really. ~~~~

If any vandal or article's name has more than one word, please connect the words with underscores ( _ ).

Notice to administrators: When dealing with a request, you can edit the page using the [Edit this page] button beside the title. Once you have seen the request, please put {{VDW}} right under the IP-vandal template. Once the vandal has been warned or blocked, and the vandalism removed, please then expand the template to {{VDWVandal warned/blocked, vandalism removed. }}. After a couple of days after completion, please move the request to the archive.

Current Reports Edit

Possible vandal - Ronalfo (Contribs - Deleted Contribs - Logs - Block log - Talk - Block)
Page vandalized - Farmville_Wiki (diff - history)
Additional comments - Added Pornographic Image to the home page. User:PotatoCanadian luckly caught it 2 hours later and replaced the picture with an X. And reverted Ronalfos edits.

Tythesly - May Your Graphics Stay Sharp And Your Computer Never BSOD!!! (talk) 19:46, April 12, 2013 (UTC)

Status - Vandal warned/blocked, vandalism removed. Thanks! Vandraedha (talk · contribs) 04:41, April 13, 2013 (UTC)