This article is official FarmVille Wiki policy. When editing, users should attempt to follow this guide at all times.

Some articles are of no use to the Wiki. These articles may be nominated for speedy deletion. Speedy deletion means that an Admin can just delete the page without consensus, as there is no plausible reason to keep it.

When nominating an article for speedy deletion (or, for admins, when deleting an article), first check a page's history. If the page was simply vandalised, revert the edits to the most recent legitimate edit.

You can consider turning problematic pages into relevant redirects as an alternative to deletion.

To nominate an article for speedy deletion, add the template {{Speedy deletionReason(s) for deletion }} to the page.

If an article has been nominated for speedy deletion, it will appear on the page Category:Candidates for speedy deletion.

This page explains when an article should and shouldn't be nominated for speedy deletion.

Good casesEdit

  • A page with no useful content, for example a page with the content "Farmville is so cool!" isn't of any use, so it can be deleted.
  • Articles on things that do not exist. For example, an article on the space ship decoration should be deleted (unless a space ship decoration is released).
  • Any page created to advertise a product/website/service should be deleted.
  • Spam articles (such as a page filled with 'ewrighw)&^*JKLS\G798V87^9*_) can be deleted.
  • Pages in another language; this is an English Wiki. Any other languages should have their own Wiki.
  • Useless categories or template, such as a 'poop' category or template
  • Useless images or videos
  • Unused templates
  • Test pages (eg. 'Can I really post here?')
  • Reposted content that has already been deleted
  • Talk pages of already deleted articles
  • Empty categories

Bad casesEdit

  • Stubs could potentially become a long article.
  • A page that requires 'cleanup'. These pages just need to be edited and cleaned up, not deleted.
  • Vandalism. If a page is vandalised, the vandalism should be reverted.
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