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Welcome to the FarmVille Wiki's IRC channel! This is the place where you can ask for help or just chat with your fellow editors. If there is nobody online at the time, please wait for someone to go online. If you need help or advice, please visit the forums, where you will most likely get a better response.
How to join
External IRC client
Joining the IRC is easy, You can also connect via a downloadable IRC client for example mIRC, xChat, or Chatzilla. For users with these or other clients, the IRC can be reached at #wikia-farmville. This is easily done by typing /join #wikia-farmville.
Embedded client
Joining the embedded IRC is easy, all you need to do is connect to is click Connect in the embedded box below.
IRC chat
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Helpful hints
It is best to register your IRC nickname with nickserv. Do this by typing /nickserv REGISTER password email replacing password and email with your own. After you do so, you will receive an email to confirm it.