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Good Articles are articles which have good content and length, but are not featured. Featured Articles are automatically Good Articles. All Good Articles have {{GA}} placed on them. After you have nominated an article to be a Good Article, please put {{GA Nomination}} on the page. Articles that are no longer Good Articles should use the template {{FormerGA}} at the top of the page.

Selecting Good Articles

Good Articles are selected for:

  • Completion - The article contains all the required information that pertains to them.
  • Categorized - The article has proper categories.
  • Templated - The article has all the required templates.
  • Accuracy - The article's information is accurate.
  • Representation - The article should represent some of FarmVille Wiki's best content.
Nominating a good article

If you think that an article is "Good", then enter it's name into the box below and click "Nominate". The page will automatically be set up for you. A list can be found below of all open GA nominations. To vote in a nomination, click the link to the page under "Title". From there, simply put your signature under the appropriate header (#~~~~). All GA nominations last for one week.

TitleLast EditLast Author
Current Good Articles

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Former Good Articles

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Past nominations
TitleLast EditLast Author
Good Articles/FarmVille Cash15:03, August 27, 2013VandraedhaBot
Good Articles/Dino Lab10:06, April 21, 2013Vandraedha
Good Articles/Mystery Baby10:02, April 21, 2013Vandraedha
Good Articles/Breeding Horses04:14, September 7, 2011Vandraedha
Good Articles/Boom Tree16:26, June 25, 2011Vandraedha
Good Articles/Decoration16:34, November 12, 2010C886553
Good Articles/Shamrock Sheep20:46, September 1, 2010Resa1983
Good Articles/Bull01:41, August 7, 2010C886553
Good Articles/buildings01:41, August 7, 2010C886553
Good Articles/Fuel01:41, August 7, 2010C886553
Good Articles/Holiday Tree01:41, August 7, 2010C886553
Good Articles/Farm Coins01:39, August 7, 2010C886553
Good Articles/Sweet Seeds for Haiti Event (January 2010)01:39, August 7, 2010C886553
Good Articles/Nursery Barn01:39, August 7, 2010C886553
Good Articles/Crop Mastery01:38, August 7, 2010C886553
Good Articles/Fan Cow16:18, May 17, 2010C886553
Good Articles/Mystery Egg04:05, May 1, 2010C886553
Good Articles/Dog Treat04:05, May 1, 2010C886553
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