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Bureaucrats are users who are entrusted with modifying the rights that a user is in possession of. All Bureaucrats, like administrators, are elected by the community. Bureaucrats are equal to other users, however they are entrusted with a few extra tools. Bureaucrat rights can be requested by any Administrator on the requests for adminship page.


The Bureaucrat logo. The crossed wrenches symbolize the bureaucrat's work behind the scenes.

Bureaucrats have the ability to modify user groups. Bureaucrats can:

  • Add or remove Patroller rights.
  • Add or remove Rollbacker rights.
  • Add or remove Administrator rights.
  • Add Bureaucrat rights.
  • Bureaucrats have all the abilities that Administrators have.

Who are FarmVille Wiki's Bureaucrats?Edit

Active Edit

Name Talk Page Status Email
Ajraddatz‎ Talk Active Email
Vandraedha Talk Active Email

Inactive Edit

Name Talk Page Status Email
DHA‎ Talk Inactive Email
Kiriluser Talk Inactive Email
Theboy1001 Talk Inactive Email
Gamemakergm Talk Inactive Email

How do I Become a Bureaucrat?Edit

A Bureaucrat must be a dedicated editor and giving the tools should benefit them and the Wiki. If you think you becoming a Bureaucrat would be beneficial to you and the FarmVille Wiki, please read FarmVille Wiki:Requests for Permissions and file an RfB. All Bureaucrat nominees must have been an active admin for at least 10 days, although significantly longer time is recommended.


Bureaucrats are permitted to use {{Userbox/Bureaucrat}} on their userpage, to identify them as such. The template looks like:

Crat This user is a FarmVille Wiki Bureaucrat

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