FarmVille Cash

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First date available: unknown
Last date available: present
Required minimum level(s): Player Level: 1
Source: varies; see main article text
World Location: All farms and expansions
Tile: all
For other forms of currency, see Currency.
FV Cash

Farm Cash indicator

Cash-icon  cash (also known as FarmVille Cash, FarmVille Dollars, FarmVille Bucks, Farm Cash) is currency used to purchase in game items and skip tasks. It can be purchased with real-world money, and will also be slowly given to a player over time when reaching higher levels.

FarmVille Cash can be earned by spending real-world money, either by using a PayPal account or a credit card. They were also formerly available by completing surveys. They are still available by leveling up (1 FarmVille Dollar per level up to level 250). 1 FarmVille Dollar is a possible gift inside a Mystery Gift, and inside Golden Mystery Eggs, Cornish Mystery Eggs, Scots Grey Mystery Eggs, Rhode Island Red Mystery Eggs.

Current Payment Forms Edit

Leveling up Edit

A player will receive 1 FarmVille dollar whenever they increase a level. At the beginning of the game, a player has 5 FarmVille dollars. Because of the relatively slow flow of cash from levels, this is not a very effective way of earning FarmVille Cash.

Game Cards Edit

Zynga has also released Farm Cash cards, exclusive to the U.S. Farmers who do not wish to or are unable to pay online can buy Farm Cash cards, which they can use to exchange for Farm Cash. They are currently available in $10, $20 and $50 amounts. Farm Cash cards were then released in the U.K (and still are) and currently sell them up to £10 , £25 and £50

50% Off Sale for FV cash Edit

One of these kinds of sales just occured on November 21, 2010 at midnight (Pacific Standard Time). It has a sale for FV cash, 50% OFF. For instance, 115 FV cash is worth a $20 game card before, and it was currently worth a $10 game card! This offers ends at 1:00 a.m. (once again, Pacific Standard Time).

Prizes Edit

  • 1 FV cash (also known as the 1 Free Cash), is a unique gift in FarmVille.

There are four ways to get the 1 FV cash gift:

  1. The limited edition April Free Cash gift. It was available on 1–7 April 2010 during the April Fool's Day Event.
  2. Unique gift from the Mystery Gift and Grab Bag.
  3. From Mystery Eggs.
  4. Earn Blue Ribbons
  • 2 FV cash (also known as the 2 Free Cash), is a unique gift in FarmVille.
  1. You can get the 2 FV cash gift by participating in certain promotions in FarmVille.
  • 3 FV cash (also known as the 3 Free Cash), is a unique gift in FarmVille that was released on April 15th.
  1. You can get the 3 FV cash gift only from the FarmVille Care Package.
  • 5 FV cash
  1. Green Giant Promotion Code
  2. Complete "Drop Anchor!" quest.
  3. Complete "Rodents of Ruin" quest.
  • 10 FV cash
  1. You can receive Free 10 FV Cash after installing Zynga Toolbar
  • 25 FV cash
  1. You can receive Free 25 FV Cash for registering Zynga Account - Farmers who purchase farm cash using PayPal and register a new Zynga account can receive 25 free farm cash. You can then use your Zynga account to purchase farm cash for FarmVille or currency for other Zynga games.
  • 200 FV cash
  1. Receiving the UBER gift in the 7 Eleven Promotion Event will grant the player with 200 FV cash.

Promotions Edit

A 20% OFF on FV Cash took place between December 24 and December 26, 2010. This promotion was applied on Farmers who purchased Zynga Game Card during the promotion period.

FV Promotion

Another promotion took place between January 02 and January 31, 2011. Promotion was to buy a Game Card from Best Buy to receive a mystery box with your redemption. Mysteryboxgamecardbestbuy

A 50% OFF on FV Cash & Coins packages took place on February 01, 2011.

FV Promotion II

Another promotion took place between January 31 and February 03, 2011. Promotion was to purchase a Farm Cash or coins to receive an Alpine Goat with your redemption.

As of December 2010, several Zynga Game cards were made available through the American Express Reward Points Program. They can be redeemed for Membership Rewards points. Also, cards were made available through the Citi ThankYou Rewards and can be redeemed with ThankYou points.

American Express and Citi promotion cards
Zynga Game CardZynga Game Cards Zynga E-Game CardZynga Game Cards FarmVille Game CardFarmVille Game Cards FarmVille E-Game CardFarmVille E-Game Cards
$25 and $50 physical Zynga Game Cards
(2500 and 5000 MR1 points)
$2, $10 and $25 virtual Zynga Game Cards
(200, 1000 and 2500 MR points)
$25 and $50 physical FarmVille Game Cards
(2500 and 5000 MR points)
$2, $10 and $25 virtual FarmVille Game Cards
(200, 1000 and 2500 MR points)
$25 physical Zynga Game Card
(3500 ThankYou points)
$10 virtual Zynga Game Card
(1500 ThankYou points)
$25 physical FarmVille Game Card
(3500 ThankYou points)
$10 virtual FarmVille Game Card
(1500 ThankYoupoints)

Former Options of Payment Edit

Cell phone Edit

Formerly, a Cell phone survey (usually Cash-icon 40-55 cash) required a short quiz or survey to be completed and for a cell phone number to be provided. You would then receive a text message with a pin number that had to be entered on the FarmVille website. If you enter the pin you will be charged $9.99 a month for absolutely nothing (besides the Cash-icon 40-55 cash you receive one time). It is not advised to use this method of obtaining FarmVille

Troubleshooting Edit

In some cases, FarmVille dollars are not awarded when they should be. If that happens, the player must contact Double Ding - the company Zynga uses to provide the 3rd party surveys. Double Ding would then communicate with the company you completed a survey for. This is not always reliable and could take a long period of time.

How these methods were stopped Edit

Facebook had concerns about spam going on, and some offers were actually fake subscriptions, causing problems from users. Finally, offers were no longer in use in FarmVille.

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