The Fairy Hollow Event is an event in FarmVille that began on October 30, 2011 for a limited time.

Items Edit

During this time, new Fairy Hollow themed items were released.

Fairy Hollow items
image name source type
Blue-Winged Goose-icon Blue-Winged Goose Coin-icon 900,000 coins Animal
Butterfly Cat-icon
Butterfly Cat Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 75 Animal
Butterfly Dog-icon
Butterfly Dog Cash-icon 12 cash Animal
Butterfly Horse-icon
Butterfly Horse Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Butterfly Foal-icon
Butterfly Foal Adopt Animal
Butterfly Pig-icon
Butterfly Pig Cash-icon 18 cash Animal
Butterfly Pony-icon
Butterfly Pony Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 75 Animal
Butterfly Pony Foal-icon
Butterfly Pony Foal Adopt Animal
Butterfly Rabbit-icon
Butterfly Rabbit Cash-icon 12 cash Animal
Butterfly Ram-icon
Butterfly Ram Cash-icon 16 cash Animal
Butterfly Sheep I-icon
Butterfly Sheep Cash-icon 20 cash Animal
Butterfly Unicorn-icon
Butterfly Unicorn Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 75 Animal
Butterfly Unicorn Foal-icon
Butterfly Unicorn Foal Adopt Animal
Cattle Egret-icon
Cattle Egret Coin-icon 1,000,000 coins Animal
Dragonfly Cow-icon
Dragonfly Cow Cash-icon 20 cash Animal
Dragonfly Calf-icon
Dragonfly Calf Adopt Animal
Dragonfly Dog-icon
Dragonfly Dog Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 75 Animal
Dragonfly Horse-icon
Dragonfly Horse Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Dragonfly Foal-icon
Dragonfly Foal Adopt Animal
Dragonfly Pig-icon
Dragonfly Pig Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 75 Animal
Dragonfly Pony-icon
Dragonfly Pony Cash-icon 22 cash Animal
Dragonfly Pony Foal-icon
Dragonfly Pony Foal Adopt Animal
Dragonfly Ram-icon
Dragonfly Ram Cash-icon 16 cash Animal
Dragonfly Unicorn-icon
Dragonfly Unicorn Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 75 Animal
Dragonfly Unicorn Foal-icon
Dragonfly Unicorn Foal Adopt Animal
Fall Fairy Cat-icon
Fall Fairy Cat Cash-icon 12 cash Animal
Fall Fairy Cow-icon
Fall Fairy Cow Cash-icon 24 cash Animal
Fall Fairy Calf-icon
Fall Fairy Calf Adopt Animal
Fall Fairy Duck-icon
Fall Fairy Duck Cash-icon 18 cash Animal
Fall Fairy Mini Horse-icon
Fall Fairy Mini Horse Cash-icon 26 cash Animal
Fall Fairy Mini Foal-icon
Fall Fairy Mini Foal Adopt Animal
Irish Moiled Bull-icon
Irish Moiled Bull Cash-icon 18 cash Animal
Irish Moiled Bull Calf-icon
Irish Moiled Bull Calf Adopt Animal
Purple Pegacorn-icon
Purple Pegacorn Cash-icon 30 cash Animal
Purple Pegacorn Foal-icon
Purple Pegacorn Foal Adopt Animal
Yellow-Eyed Penguin-icon Yellow-Eyed Penguin Coin-icon 1,000,000 coins Animal
Fall Fairy Chicken-icon
Fall Fairy Chicken Cash-icon 18 cash animal
Autumn Stallion-icon
Autumn Stallion Cash-icon 26 cash animal
Autumn Stallion Foal-icon
Autumn Stallion Foal adopt animal
British Alpine Goat-icon
British Alpine Goat Coin-icon 1,000,000 coins animal
Dragonfly Boar-icon
Dragonfly Boar Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Fall Fairy Egg-icon
Fall Fairy Chicken Chicken Coop Mystery Egg
Fall Fairy Dragon-icon
Fall Fairy Dragon Cash-icon 24 cash Animal
Fall Fairy Dragon-icon
Big Fairy Dragon Cash-icon 24 cash Animal
Autumn Leaves House-icon
Autumn Leaves House Quest Prize: This One Goes to Elven Building
Fairy Mill-icon
Fairy Mill Cash-icon 20 cash Building
Fairy Tree Stump House-icon
Fairy Tree Stump House Quest Prize: The Fae We Were Building
Leaf House-icon
Leaf House Cash-icon 15 cash Building
Pumpkin Bistro-icon
Pumpkin Bistro Cash-icon 12 cash Building
Purple Pinecone House-icon
Purple Pinecone House Cash-icon 15 cash Building
Butterfly I Costume-icon
Butterfly I Cash-icon 8 cash Clothing
Butterfly II Costume-icon
Butterfly II Cash-icon 8 cash Clothing
Dragonfly Costume-icon
Dragonfly Cash-icon 8 cash Clothing
File:Fall Fairy Costume-icon.png
Fall Fairy Cash-icon 8 cash Clothing
Fairy Flower (crop)-icon

Fairy Flower

Fairy Flower Coin-icon 25 coins seeds
Fairy Flower-icon

Fairy Flower

Fairy Flower bloom
Fall Ribbon Flower Tree-icon
Fall Ribbon Flower Tree Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Big Fall Ribbon Flower Tree-icon
Big Fall Ribbon Cash-icon 14 cash Tree
Forbidden Gem Tree-icon
Forbidden Gem Tree Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Giant Forbidden Gem Tree-icon
Giant Forbidden Gem Tree Cash-icon 14 cash Tree
Golden Fairy Tree-icon
Golden Fairy Tree Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Giant Golden Fairy Tree-icon
Giant Golden Fairy Tree Cash-icon 14 cash Tree
Purple Crystal Tree-icon
Purple Crystal Tree Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Giant Purple Crystal Tree-icon
Giant Purple Crystal Tree Cash-icon 14 cash Tree
Sweet Birch Tree-icon
Sweet Birch Tree Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Dahurian Birch Tree-icon
Dahurian Birch Tree Cash-icon 14 cash Tree
Butterfly Tree-icon Butterfly Tree Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Giant Butterfly Tree-icon
Giant Butterfly Tree Cash-icon 14 cash Tree
Gnarled Tree-icon
Gnarled Tree Cash-icon 5 cash Tree
Giant Gnarled Tree-icon
Giant Gnarled Tree Cash-icon 10 cash Tree
Labyrinth Tree-icon
Labyrinth Tree Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Giant Labyrinth Tree-icon
Giant Labyrinth Tree Cash-icon 14 cash Tree
Butterfly Gnome-icon
Butterfly Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Fairy Godmother Gnome-icon
Fairy Godmother Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Leaf Fairy Gnome-icon
Leaf Fairy Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Troll Gnome-icon
Troll Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash Decoration
Autumn Fairy Circle-icon
Autumn Fairy Circle Quest Prize: Fairy Dust in the Wind Decoration
Dog Leaf Pile-icon
Dog Leaf Pile Cash-icon 10 cash Decoration
Duck in Leaves-icon
Duck in Leaves quest prize: A Fairy Good Start Decoration
Fairy Bird-icon
Fairy Bird Cash-icon 15 cash Decoration
Fairy Garden II-icon
Fairy Garden quest prize: A Fairy Good Year Decoration
Fairy Hollow Hill-icon
Fairy Hollow Hill quest prize: I Did it My Fae Decoration
Fall Fairy Forest-icon
Fall Fairy Forest Collection Reward Decoration
Firefly Lamp-icon
Firefly Lamp Coin-icon 100,000 coins Decoration
Giant Toadstool-icon
Giant Toadstool Coin-icon 30,000 coins Decoration
Garden Statue III-icon
Garden Statue quest prize: A Fairy to Remember Decoration
Magic Fairy Cave-icon
Magic Fairy Cave Coin-icon 300,000 coins Decoration
Wooden Fence-icon
Wooden Fence Coin-icon 5,000 coins Decoration
Wooden Gate-icon
Wooden Gate Coin-icon 10,000 coins Decoration
Wood Nymph Tree-icon
Wood Nymph Tree Quest Prize: A Nymph is a Nymph! Decoration
Dragonfly Fountain-icon
Dragonfly Fountain Collection Reward Decoration
Fairy Leaf Fountain-icon
Fairy Leaf Fountain Quest Prize: Just to Sprite Me Decoration
Dragonfly Pond-icon
Dragonfly Pond Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game 75 Decoration
Fairy Fall Waterfall-icon
Fairy Fall Waterfall quest prize: Thank You Fairy Much Decoration

75th Mystery Game-icon Mystery Game - Fairy Hallow Edit

Released November 6, 2011 to the November 12, 2011. The Fairy Hallow Mystery Game costs Cash-icon 20 cash per dart. If the player found all 6 regular items, they were rewarded with a bonus 7th item (the Dragonfly Pond). Upon release of the Fairy Hallow Fairy Hollow Event, all players were rewarded with a free Mystery Dart.

Fairy Hallow
Mystery Game 75-icon
Butterfly Unicorn-icon
Butterfly Unicorn
Dragonfly Unicorn-icon
Dragonfly Unicorn
Butterfly Pony-icon
Butterfly Pony
Dragonfly Pig-icon
Dragonfly Pig
Dragonfly Dog-icon
Dragonfly Dog
Butterfly Cat-icon
Butterfly Cat
Dragonfly Pond-icon
Dragonfly Pond

Quests During Event Edit

image quest name
A Fairy Good Start-icon A Fairy Good Start
I Did it My Fae-icon I Did it My Fae
Fairy Dust in the Wind-icon Fairy Dust in the Wind
This One Goes to Elven-icon This One Goes to Elven
A Fairy Good Year-icon A Fairy Good Year
A Fairy to Remember-icon A Fairy to Remember
The Fae We Were-icon The Fae We Were
Send the Fairy Best-icon Send the Fairy Best
Just to Sprite Me-icon Just to Sprite Me
Pixie of the Litter-icon Pixie of the Litter
A Nymph is a Nymph-icon A Nymph is a Nymph
Thank You Fairy Much-icon Thank You Fairy Much

Gallery Edit

  • Fairy Hollow Tasks Loading Screen
  • Fairy Hollow Collections Loading Screen
  • The Fairy Hollow Collection set rewards the gatherer with a special prize.
  • Fairy Hollow Collections Exclusive Gift Loading Screen

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