The Fairy Garden Event is an event in FarmVille that began on August 10, 2011 and finished on August 25, 2011. During this time, new Fairy-Garden themed items were released.

Items Edit

items available during the Fairy Garden event
Image Name Cost Type
Pink Hanging Flower Tree-icon Pink Hanging Flower Tree Cash-icon 8 cash tree
Purple Hanging Flower Tree-icon Purple Hanging Flower Tree Cash-icon 15 cash tree
Fairy Horse-icon Fairy Horse Cash-icon 26 cash animal
Mini Purple Unicorn-icon Mini Purple Unicorn Cash-icon 35 cash animal
Fairy Cottage 2-icon Fairy Cottage building
Red Toadstool House-icon Red Toadstool House Cash-icon 15 cash building
Fantasy Bird-icon Fantasy Bird Cash-icon 18 cash decoration
Fairy Flower Gnome-icon Fairy Flower Gnome Cash-icon 15 cash decoration
Overgrown Arch-icon Overgrown Arch Cash-icon 1 cash decoration
Wooden Gate-icon Wooden Gate Coin-icon 10,000 coins decoration
Wooden Fence-icon Wooden Fence Coin-icon 5,000 coins decoration
Vineyard Horse-icon Vineyard Horse Cash-icon 30 cash animal (re-release)
Red Toadstool-icon Red Toadstool Coin-icon 50 coins crop
Purple Toadstool-icon Purple Toadstool Cash-icon 5 cash crop
Fairy Duck-icon Fairy Duck Cash-icon 18 cash animal
Fairy Cat-icon Fairy Cat Cash-icon 18 cash animal
Star Flower Tree-icon Star Flower Tree Cash-icon 7 cash tree
Big Star Flower Tree-icon Big Star Flower Tree Cash-icon 15 cash tree
Fairy Unicorn-icon Fairy Unicorn Cash-icon 36 cash animal
Green Cottage-icon Green Cottage Cash-icon 25 cash building
Mossy Den-icon Mossy Den Cash-icon 15 cash building
Flowery Fountain-icon Flowery Fountain Cash-icon 15 cash decoration
Fairy Garden-icon Fairy Garden Cash-icon 10 cash decoration
Ivy Curve Wall-icon Ivy Curve Wall Coin-icon 8,000 coins decoration
Garden Gate-icon Garden Gate Coin-icon 30,000 coins decoration
Fairy Roses-icon Fairy Roses Coin-icon 10,000 coins decoration
White Andalusian-icon White Andalusian Cash-icon 26 cash animal
Fairy Dress (Pink)-icon Fairy Dress (Pink) Cash-icon 10 cash clothing
Fairy Dress (Purple)-icon Fairy Dress (Purple) Cash-icon 10 cash


Fairy Ram-icon Fairy Ram Cash-icon 28 cash animal
Flowery Swing-icon Flowery Swing Cash-icon 5 cash decoration
Fairy Waterfall-icon Fairy Waterfall Cash-icon 20 cash decoration
Forest Tree House-icon Forest Tree House Cash-icon 30 cash building
Giant Flower-icon Giant Flower Coin-icon 10,000 coins decoration
Pink Dragon-icon Pink Dragon Cash-icon 24 cash animal
Satyr Statue-icon Satyr Statue Coin-icon 30,000 coins decoration
Tree Bench-icon Tree Bench Cash-icon 2 cash decoration
Fairy Cow-icon Fairy Cow Cash-icon 24 cash animal
Fairy Dress (Blue)-icon Fairy Dress (Blue) Cash-icon 5 cash clothing
Fairy House-icon Fairy House building
Fairy Pony-icon Fairy Pony Cash-icon 28 cash animal
Flowery Birdbath-icon Flowery Birdbath Coin-icon 100,000 coins decoration
Giant Magic Orange Tree-icon Giant Magic Orange Tree Cash-icon 15 cash tree
Hill House-icon Hill House Cash-icon 30 cash building
Magic Flowerbed-icon Magic Flowerbed Coin-icon 4,000 coins decoration
Magic Orange Tree-icon Magic Orange Tree Cash-icon 7 cash tree
Magic Owl-icon Magic Owl Cash-icon 18 cash decoration
Pine Cone House-icon Pine Cone House Cash-icon 25 cash building
Tree Arch 2-icon Tree Arch Cash-icon 2 cash decoration
Flower Hat-icon Flower Hat Cash-icon 5 cash clothing
Glowing Flowerbed-icon Glowing Flowerbed Cash-icon 18 cash decoration
Ivy Crown-icon Ivy Crown Cash-icon 2 cash clothing
Tree Fairy Dress-icon Tree Fairy Dress Cash-icon 10 cash clothing
Fairy Kid Tree-icon Fairy Kid Tree Coin-icon 80,000 coins decoration
Fairy Momma Tree-icon Fairy Momma Tree Cash-icon 5 cash decoration
Fairy Papa Tree-icon Fairy Papa Tree Cash-icon 5 cash decoration
Fairy Ruins-icon Fairy Ruins Cash-icon 20 cash decoration
Flowery Gazebo-icon Flowery Gazebo Cash-icon 15 cash decoration
Giant Magic Peach Tree-icon Giant Magic Peach Tree Cash-icon 15 cash tree
Magic Peach Tree-icon Magic Peach Tree Cash-icon 7 cash tree
Male Fairy Gnome-icon Male Fairy Gnome Cash-icon 12 cash decoration
Fairy Tree-icon Fairy Tree Cash-icon 7 cash tree
Giant Fairy Tree-icon Giant Fairy Tree Cash-icon 15 cash tree
Pebble Stone Pond-icon Pebble Stone Pond Coin-icon 100,000 coins decoration
Fairy Pink Horse-icon Fairy Pink Horse Cash-icon 26 cash animal
Fairy Vine Pig-icon Fairy Vine Pig Cash-icon 22 cash animal
Overgrown Manor-icon Overgrown Manor Cash-icon 30 cash decoration
Dark Thatched Hut-icon Dark Thatched Hut Cash-icon 20 cash decoration
Leaves Fountain-icon Leaves Fountain Cash-icon 15 cash decoration
Entranced Tree-icon Entranced Tree Cash-icon 8 cash decoration
Magic Rings II-icon Magic Rings II Cash-icon 2 cash decoration
Purple Flax Leaves-icon Purple Flax Leaves Coin-icon 4,000 coins decoration
Bell Flower Tree-icon Bell Flower Tree Cash-icon 7 cash tree
Big Bell Flower Tree-icon Big Bell Flower Tree Cash-icon 15 cash tree
Flower Lamp Post-icon Flower Lamp Post Coin-icon 20,000 coins decoration
Fairy Mini Horse-icon Fairy Mini Horse Cash-icon 29 cash animal

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