The Extinct Animal Zoo is a building in FarmVille. It was originally released on December 4th, 2012. Animals inside Extinct Animal Zoo can produce various fossils. With these fossils you can create new animals. It can be harvested every 12 hours.

Materials Edit

Meteorite Food Chain Broken Thermometer
Meteorite-icon Food Chain-icon Broken Thermometer-icon

Expansion Edit

Frame Half finished Finished
Extinct Animal Zoo Stage 1-icon Extinct Animal Zoo Stage 2-icon Extinct Animal Zoo-icon

Fossils Combinations ChartEdit

Animal Gray Fossil-icon
Gray Fossil
Amber Fossil-icon
Amber Fossil
Black Fossil-icon
Black Fossil
Red Fossil-icon
Red Fossil
Wood Fossil-icon
Wood Fossil
Harvest fosil
Cave Bear-icon Cave Bear 9 Gray Fossil-icon Gray Fossil-icon
Wooly Rhino-icon Wooly Rhino 10 Gray Fossil-icon Amber Fossil-icon
Punk Horned Gopher-icon Punk Horned Gopher 10 Gray Fossil-icon 4 Amber Fossil-icon Gray Fossil-icon
Giant Pink Wombat-icon Giant Pink Wombat 11 Gray Fossil-icon 6 Amber Fossil-icon Black Fossil-icon
Party Tarpan Horse-icon Party Tarpan Horse 12 Gray Fossil-icon 6 Amber Fossil-icon 4 Black Fossil-icon Amber Fossil-icon
Scuba Saudi Gazelle-icon Scuba Saudi Gazelle 12 Gray Fossil-icon 8 Amber Fossil-icon 6 Black Fossil-icon Black Fossil-icon
Crystal Pyrenean Ibex-icon Crystal Pyrenean Ibex 13 Gray Fossil-icon 10 Amber Fossil-icon 8 Black Fossil-icon Red Fossil-icon
Spectacled Cormorant-icon Spectacled Cormorant 14 Gray Fossil-icon 11 Amber Fossil-icon 10 Black Fossil-icon 5 Red Fossil-icon Wood Fossil-icon
Rainbow Terror Bird-icon Rainbow Terror Bird 15 Gray Fossil-icon 12 Amber Fossil-icon 10 Black Fossil-icon 8 Red Fossil-icon 5 Wood Fossil-icon Gray Fossil-icon
Giant Purple Armadillo-icon Giant Purple Armadillo 16 Gray Fossil-icon 13 Amber Fossil-icon 12 Black Fossil-icon 10 Red Fossil-icon 10 Wood Fossil-icon Red Fossil-icon

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