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== Other forms of Experience Points ==
== Other forms of Experience Points ==

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The various Experience points

A farmer has a certain amount of experience. When certain amounts of experience are reached, a farmer can advance to the next level, where more market items, gifts and other features become available.

A farmer can see their own experience in a bar at the top of the page. The amount of the bar filled in is relative to how close the farmer is to reaching their next level. The star at the end of the bar shows a player their level. After a farmer reaches Level 35, they will require an extra XP-icon 10,000 experience for each level. A farmer needs 433,000 experience to reach level 70. After level 70, the amount needed increases by 500 xp each level, so 10,500 xp for level 71, 11,000 for level 72, et. cetera. ...

At the bottom of the screen is a list of a player's neighbors. A player is able to see the level and experience of each of his neighbors from here.

On June 30th, 2011, XP for FarmCash was released into the Market. 50, 200 and 1000 XP could be purchased for 5, 10 and Cash-icon 30 cash.

More Experience

Exp bar

Experience can be earned in a number of ways. These include:

Costs for Experience

Many use hay bales to quickly raise their experience points, buying them and then selling them back. A cheaper but slower tactic is plowing a plot and planting soybeans, then deleting the plot. Higher level players can buy and sell back other items, using fewer clicks but costing more coins.

Item Level Net Coins XP Gain Cost per XP XP per
100 gold
Clicks per
Cost per
Sweet Beets3 1 25 4 6.25 16 3,000
+50 fuel tanks2
Soybeans 1 30 3 10 10 4,000
+67 fuel tanks2
Hay Bale 1 100 1 20 5 1,000 190,000
Whitewash Fence 1 285 1 57 1.75 350 541,500
Grain Silo 13 20,000 200 100 1 200 950,000
Villa 34 1,000,000 10,000 100 1 4 950,000
Belted Cow4 75 1,000,000 10,000 100 1 4 950,000
  1. One level is 10,000 XP. Click count includes deleting.
  2. Assuming 4x4 tractor, seeder and harvester.
  3. Sweet Beets are not available any more.
  4. If not sold, Belted Cows generate 3,000 Coins per day.

Other Farm specific Experience Points

In order to gain farm specific experience points, you can do any of the following:

  1. Crafting in the farm specific crafting buildings. (if they have any)
  2. Leveling up the farm specific stationary buildings. (if they have any)
  3. Harvesting farm specific crops/seeds. (if they have any)
  4. Uncovering the farm specific Hidden Treasures. (if they have any)
  5. Purchasing farm specific items (Animals, Blooms, Buildings, Decorations, Trees, etc. ...) from the market. (if there are any)

Other forms of Experience Points

Apothecary Points
Apothecary Point indicator-icon
Apothecary Point/Level indicator
Apothecary Point-icon
Apothecary Points are gained and used within the Apothecary to level up that particular building.

Dairy Points
Dairy Point indicator-icon
Dairy Point/Level indicator
Dairy Point-icon
Dairy Points are gained and used within the Dairy to level up that particular building.

Sweet Points
Sweet Point indicator-icon
Sweet Point/Level indicator
Sweet Point-icon
Sweet Points are gained and used within the Sweet Shop to level up that particular building.

Yarn Points
Yarn Point indicator-icon
Yarn Point/Level indicator
Yarn Point-icon
Yarn Points are gained and used within the Yarn Barn to level up that particular building.


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