Expand Farm is a tab in the Market under the Farm Aides section. This is where you may purchase farm expansions.

Expansions increase the size of a player's farm. There are several expansions that can be purchased. All farms are square. The expansion is always added to the bottom two sides of the farm. Farm expansions are sequential, and cannot be purchased until all lower options have been bought as well. For example, to get the Big Ole Plantation, you must buy the Plantation, Big Family Farm, Family Farm and Homestead upgrades beforehand. Once gain access to other farms, you can also expand them. Expansions to each farm are independent of all other farms, so you may have a 22x22 Home farm and a 40x40 farm on your English Countryside.

* - Expansion farms to the Home Farm and are not considered true farms with quests
- This farm uses the L shaped expansions (12x12 through 60x60)
- This farm uses the Rectangle shaped expansions (primarily 9x9 [Blue, Green, Red and White])

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