Every Journey Begins
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Goal Information
First date available: unknown
Last date available: available
Points rewarded: XP-icon 100 XP
Item reward(s) Penguin Slide
Sharing Bonus(es):
none Every Journey Begins With a Single Step

Every Journey Begins is the first goal in the 2011 Penguin Escapde Quest Series. It was originally released on the November23rd, 2011. To complete it, the player needs to:

Pen & Paper-icon Get 3 Pen and Paper Skip for Cash-icon 40 cash
Harvest 200 Fruit Crops Skip for Cash-icon 30 cash
Aviary3-icon Harvest Aviary Once Skip for Cash-icon 20 cash

Penguin Escapade Quest Series Edit

Penguin Escapade Quest 1-icon Penguin Escapade Quest 2-icon Penguin Escapade Quest 3-icon Penguin Escapade Quest 4-icon Penguin Escapade Quest 5-icon Penguin Escapade Quest 6-icon
Every Journey Begins With a Single Step Gifts for the Guests Bottles of Fun! Packing Up Bow Tie Party
6x Pen & Paper-icon
200x Harvest Fruit Crops
1x Harvest Aviary Aviary3-icon
6x Stamp-icon
200x Harvest Vegetable Crops
1x Harvest Horse Paddock Horse Paddock3-icon
6x Souvenir-icon
200x Harvest Strawberries Strawberries-icon
1x Harvest Bowtie TreeBowtie Tree-icon
6x Water Bottle-icon
200x Harvest Lilacs Lilac-icon
1x Harvest Orchard Orchard-icon
6x Suitcase-icon
200x Harvest Cranberries Cranberry-icon
1x Harvest Aviary Aviary3-icon
6x Bow Tie-icon
200x Harvest Peppermint Peppermint-icon
10x Harvest Horses (any kind) Horse-icon
Rewards RewardsRewardsRewardsRewardsRewards
XP-icon 100 experience
Penguin Slide-icon
Penguin Slide
Coin-icon 2,500 coins
XP-icon 200 experience
Bowtie Tree-icon
Bowtie Tree
Coin-icon 2,500 coins
XP-icon 300 experience
Tuxedo Gnome-icon
Tuxedo Gnome
Coin-icon 2,500 coins
XP-icon 500 experience
Penguin Kiddy Pool-icon
Penguin Kiddy Pool
Coin-icon 2,500 coins
XP-icon 750 experience
Bowtie Emu-icon
Bowtie Emu
Coin-icon 2,500 coins
XP-icon 1,000 experience
Penguin Snow Mobile-icon
Penguin Snow Mobile
Coin-icon 5,000 coins
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