The English Rose was a seed on the FarmVille's English Countryside.

It could be purchased from the market for Coin-icon 125 coins.

When you arrive at the English Countryside, planting 25 English Roses is part of the second mission you can do.

Mastery Edit

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Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 950
Level 2 1900
Level 3 2850
English Rose Mastery Sign-icon

Stall and Bushel Edit

English Rose Stall English Rose Bushel
English Rose Stall-icon English Rose Bushel-icon

Perfect Bunches Edit

Harvesting English Rose has a 10% chance of yielding Perfect Bunches.

Perfect Bunch of English Rose Withered Bunch of English Rose
Perfect English Rose-icon Wither Bunch English Rose-icon

Growth Phases Edit

Growth Phases
Growth Duration Image
0 - 32% Time planted

1 hour
English Rose 00

—Image © Zynga
33 - 65% 1 hour

3 hours
English Rose 33

—Image © Zynga
66 - 99% 3 hours

5 hours
English Rose 66

—Image © Zynga
100% 6 hours

15 hours ***
English Rose 100

—Image © Zynga
100% Fertilized 6 hours

15 hours ***
English Rose extra100

—Image © Zynga
Withered *** 12 hours

15 hours+
English Rose withered

—Image © Zynga

Crafting Edit

English Roses bushels are used in many of the Pub recipes.

Building Stars Ingredients Product
Pub 1
Royal Hops Bushel-icon
3x Royal Hops
Barley Bushel-icon
2x Barley
English Rose Bushel-icon
2x English Roses
Lionhead Ale-icon
Lionhead Ale
Pub 1
Chardonnay Bushel-icon
3x Chardonnay
English Rose Bushel-icon
3x English Roses
Red Currant Bushel-icon
3x Red Currant
Chardonnay Preserves-icon
Chardonnay Preserves
Pub 2
English Rose Bushel-icon
3x English Roses
English Pea Bushel-icon
2x English Peas
Barley Bushel-icon
2x Red Currant
Barley Crumpets-icon
Barley Crumpets
Pub 3
English Rose Bushel-icon
4x English Roses
Black Tea Bushel-icon
4x Black Tea
Rosehip Tea-icon
2x Rosehip Tea
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