New items and quests were released, along with the English Countryside farm. Some of the items were available only on the English Countryside farm (like English Spot Rabbit), others were available on both farms.

This event was not for everyone: many of the items and quests were only available to players who were above Level 20, and had completed the quests to get a new farm. But many of other items you could buy on your home farm before Level 20.

Items Released to Both Farms Edit

For items exclusive to the English Countryside farm, see: English Countryside

Animals Edit

Image Name
Silkie Chicken-icon Silkie Chicken
Dorking Chicken-icon Dorking Chicken
Old English Hen-icon Old English Hen
Sussex Chicken-icon Sussex Chicken
Sebright Chicken-icon Sebright Chicken
Modern Game Hen-icon Modern Game Hen
Blue Cow-icon Blue Cow
Red Cow-icon Red Cow
Devon Cow-icon Devon Cow
Crested Duck-icon Crested Duck
Campbell Duck-icon Campbell Duck
Robin Duck-icon Robin Duck
Bagot Goat-icon Bagot Goat
Clydesdale Stallion-icon Clydesdale Stallion
Shire Horse-icon Shire Horse
Morgan Horse-icon Morgan Horse
Suffolk Horse-icon Suffolk Horse
Cleveland Bay Horse-icon Cleveland Bay Horse
White Thoroughbred-icon White Thoroughbred
King Horse-icon King Horse
Dales Pony-icon Dales Pony
Dartmoor Pony-icon Dartmoor Pony
Shetland Pony-icon Shetland Pony
New Forest Pony-icon New Forest Pony
Tamworth Pig-icon Tamworth Pig
Devon Pig-icon Devon Pig
English Lop-icon English Lop
Exmoor Pony-icon Exmoor Pony
Hereford Cow-icon Hereford Cow
English Goat-icon English Goat
Hackney Horse-icon Hackney Horse

Note: Ewes and Rams are available on both farms once that farmer has the Sheep Pen.

Trees Edit

Image Name
Chestnut Tree-icon Chestnut Tree
Hazelnut Tree-icon Hazelnut Tree
Dogwood Tree (tree)-icon Dogwood Tree (tree)
Pink Dogwood Tree-icon Pink Dogwood Tree
Candy Apple Tree-icon Candy Apple Tree
Giant Candy Apple Tree-icon Giant Candy Apple Tree
Damson Tree-icon Damson Tree
Crab Apple Tree-icon Crab Apple Tree
English Elm-icon English Elm
Wych Elm-icon Wych Elm
Cherry Plum Tree-icon Cherry Plum Tree
European Pear Tree-icon European Pear Tree
Juniper Tree-icon Juniper Tree
European Beech-icon European Beech
Downy Birch Tree-icon Downy Birch Tree
Silver Birch Tree-icon Silver Birch Tree
Crack Willow Tree-icon Crack Willow Tree
White Willow Tree-icon White Willow Tree
Oak Tree (tree)-icon Oak Tree (tree)
Yew Tree-icon Yew Tree
Hawthorn Tree-icon Hawthorn Tree
Midland Hawthorn Tree-icon Midland Hawthorn
Bird Cherry Tree-icon Bird Cherry Tree
Wild Cherry Tree-icon Wild Cherry Tree

Buildings Edit

Image Name
English Barn-icon English Barn
English Tool Shed-icon English Tool Shed
English B&B-icon English B&B
English Restaurant-icon English Restaurant
English Town Hall-icon English Town Hall
English Windmill-icon English Windmill
Tea Shop-icon Tea Shop
English Manor-icon English Manor
Riding School-icon Riding School
Antique Shoppe-icon Antique Shoppe
Gatehouse-icon Gatehouse
King Castle-icon King Castle
Blacksmith-icon Blacksmith
English Tower-icon English Tower
English Mill-icon English Mill
Spring Cottage-icon Spring Cottage
Castle Tower-icon Castle Tower
Knight's Store-icon Knight's Store
English Hotel-icon English Hotel
Garden Cafe-icon Garden Cafe
Tower Bridge-icon Tower Bridge

Decorations Edit

Image Name
Flower Barrow-icon Flower Barrow
Garden Bench-icon Garden Bench
Roses Garden-icon Roses Garden
Spring Flower Pot-icon Spring Flower Pot
Tea Cup Ride-icon Tea Cup Ride
Tea Pot Topiary-icon Tea Pot Topiary
Tea Table-icon Tea Table
English Pavilion-icon English Pavilion
English Tree House-icon English Tree House
Garden Cascade-icon Garden Cascade
Garden Statue II-icon Garden Statue II
Garden Table Set-icon Garden Table Set
Spring Flowerbed-icon Spring Flowerbed
Spring Flowerbed II-icon Spring Flowerbed II
Spring Flowerbed III-icon Spring Flowerbed III
Spring Flowerbed IV-icon Spring Flowerbed IV
Gentleman Gnome-icon Gentleman Gnome
Rhododendron-icon Rhododendron
Cricket Garden-icon Cricket Garden
Cricket Gnome-icon Cricket Gnome
Jumping Fence-icon Jumping Fence
Red Phone Booth-icon Red Phone Booth
English Rose Arch-icon English Rose Arch
Green Hill-icon Green Hill
Narcissus Hood-icon Narcissus Hood
Spring Pond II-icon Spring Pond
Garden Pond II-icon Garden Pond II
Stone Bridge-icon Stone Bridge
Stone Wall II-icon Stone Wall
Stone Piece I-icon Stone Piece I
Stone Piece II-icon Stone Piece II
Stone Piece III-icon Stone Piece III
Stone Piece IV-icon Stone Piece IV
Stone Piece V-icon Stone Piece V
Stone Piece VI-icon Stone Piece VI
Hay Pile-icon Hay Pile
Garden Pond II-icon Garden Pond II
Stone Bridge-icon Stone Bridge
Green Creek-icon Green Creek
Flowery Archway-icon Flowery Archway
Flowery Well-icon Flowery Well
Stone Bench-icon Stone Bench
English Forest-icon English Forest
Royal Table-icon Royal Table
Castle Bridge-icon Castle Bridge
Moat Corner I-icon Moat Corner I
Moat Corner II-icon Moat Corner II
Moat Corner III-icon Moat Corner III
Moat Corner IV-icon Moat Corner IV
Moat I-icon Moat I
Moat II-icon Moat II
Moat III-icon Moat III
Sword Statue-icon Sword Statue
Garden Trellis Bench-icon Garden Trellis Bench
Bluebells Knoll-icon Bluebells Knoll
Moat IV-icon Moat IV
Misty Lake-icon Misty Lake
Court Yard Fountain-icon Court Yard Fountain
Black Knight-icon Black Knight
Castle Wall-icon Castle Wall
Lion Statue-icon Lion Statue
Detective Gnome-icon Detective Gnome
Flower Statue-icon Flower Statue
Orante Iron Fence-icon Orante Iron Fence
English Carriage-icon English Carriage
Secluded Hideaway-icon Secluded Hideaway
Garden Picnic-icon Garden Picnic
Rose Iron Fence-icon Rose Iron Fence

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