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Enchanted Glen is an extension of FarmVille and is the 9th Farm, excluding the expansion farms and mini farms. You need to be at experience level 15 or above to use this farm. This farm uses the 12x12 expansion system.

Enchanted Glen (farm) is one of 2 Fairy themed farms.  The other farms are:

  1. FairyTale Fields (Farm #20)

Acquisition Edit

It stated its early access on January 7, 2013 for players who are willing to pay Cash-icon 45 cash. It was released for free to all players on January 14th, 2013.

On October 1 2013; Zynga made all farms including this one accessible to all players, even if you have not performed any of the required quests and never have visited this farm before.

Early Access Edit

If you buy early access you will get:

  1. Early Access to Enchanted Glen
  2. Enchanted Glen Crops
  3. Enchanted Glen Market items
  4. Free Gnome Gift
  5. Access to exclusive quests & its rewards

Starting your farm Edit

You start your farm of with the following:

Stationary buildings:
1x Home Mushroom Stage 1-icon Home Mushroom (Stage 1)
1x Rivermist Fortress Stage 1-icon Rivermist Fortress (Stage 1)
1x Glen Gnome Garden-icon Glen Gnome Garden (incomplete)
Purpose buildings:
1x Glen Orchard-icon Glen Orchard (incomplete)
1x Glen Storage Cellar-icon Glen Storage Cellar
1x 20px Market Stall
Crafting buildings:
1x Enchantment Shop-icon Enchantment Shop (incomplete)
1x Fairy Kitchen Stage 1-icon Fairy Kitchen (Stage 1)
1x Dewdrop Cow-icon Dewdrop Cow
1x Flying Fairy Sheep-icon Flying Fairy Sheep
1x 20px Fairy Bubble Tree
1x Guardian Tree-icon Guardian Tree
12x Plots-Land Land plots, with room to add more.

Fairy Points Edit

Main article: Fairy Point
Fairy Point-icon

Fairy Point

Fairy Points, commonly termed as FP's, are the new experience system for Enchanted Glen. These are similar to the Spook Point / SP system in Haunted Hollow, Zen Point / ZP system in Jade Falls and Cheer Point / CP system in Mistletoe Lane. Similarly, you have to get started at Level 1 once again.

How to gain FP Edit

You can earn these points in a number of fun ways:

  1. Completing the Trolls. (Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large)
  2. Upgrading Mushroom House building.
  3. Upgrading River Mist Fortress building.
  4. Harvesting Crops.

As with previous expansions, all players will start out as Level 1 in Enchanted Glen, regardless of your level on your Home Farm or other expansions.

Items Edit

The following items are exclusive to the Enchanted Glen farm.

Animals Edit

Buildings Edit

Animal Breeding PensEdit

Crafting - Fairy Kitchen Edit

Similar to other FarmVille destination farms, FarmVille Enchanted Glen will have its very own unique crafting cottage.

Main article: Fairy Kitchen

Similar to other farms, Enchanted Glen will have its very own unique crafting cottage called the Fairy Kitchen. It is the place where you will craft recipes. Here is what it will look like in its five stages:

Decoration Buildings Edit

Exclusive - Enchantment Shop Edit

Main article: Enchantment Shop

Enchantment Shop Building Stages

Purpose Buildings Edit

Crops Edit

Decorations Edit


Trees Edit


River Mist Fortress Edit

Main article: Rivermist Fortress
Rivermist Fortress-icon

Rivermist Fortress is an exclusive stationary building, just like we built the Volcano Reef on the Hawaiian Paradise (farm) or teh Lighthouse Cove on the Lighthouse Cove farm and other exclusive buildables of all recent farms. You will be going through several stages of the Rivermist Fortress.

Home Mushroom Edit

Main article: Home Mushroom
Home Mushroom-icon

Along with the Rivermist Fortress there is another stationary building called the Home Mushroom that will be exclusive to the FarmVille Enchanted Glen farm! What a perfect abode for FarmVille's Enchanted Glen!

The Home Mushroom has at least 9 different construction phases and appears to be harvestable for Gifts as well.

Enchanted Pond Escapade Edit

Main article: Enchanted Pond Escapade
Enchanted Pond Escapade-icon

Like on several previous farms you will here have farm escapade aka challenges. Enchanted Pond Escapade is exclusive challenges and work the same way like Nicks Running for Mayor Challenges on Mistletoe Lane (farm).

Beat Enchanted Glen Edit

Beat Enchanted Glen-icon

Rewards for finishing challengers are Fairy Point-icon 2,000 fairy points, Fairy Point-icon 4,000 fairy points, 3 Pack of Turbo Chargers and an Instant Grow Flight. For finishing all 4 tasks you will get a Beat Enchanted Glen Trophy and the Enchanted Glen License that will allow you to connect Enchanted Glen storage with your transferable storage system.

Hidden Treasures Edit

Main article: Hidden Treasure

Farm Expansion Edit

Main article: Expand Farm

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