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The Dream Horse is an animal on FarmVille, originally released on the February 23rd, 2012.

Dream Horse Loading Screen

The Dream Horse is a fully customizable horse that you can create for yourself by picking out every detail. The cost Farm Cash is worked out by the choice of details used.

My Horse Studie Pop Up Notice My Horse Studio Pop Up

Farmers should have received the pop-up introducing the Horse Studio feature. When viewing inside the "My Horse Studio" will show a menu to control the design of your Dream Horse. Farmers who did not receive the pop-up can also search for the Dream Horse in the Market Place.

Dream Horse Market Info

Create your Dream Horse from a Blank Dream Horse to your own design.

Blank Dream Horse-icon Dream Horse-icon

The base price of the Dream Horse is Cash-icon 22 cash for the blank Dream Horse. From the Blank Dream Horse you purchase add-ons to create your own personal Dream Horse, with each accessory differing in price. As you create the Dream Horse the price increases as indicated at the bottom of the inside screen. Accessories included Tails, Manes, Horns, Wings, Colors and Effects such as Sparkles.

My Horse Studio Inside

My Horse Studio Inside Colors

Once the created design is complete, the farmer has a choice to continue to purchase by pushing the "Buy and Place" button or discontinue by closing the studio.

My Horse Studio Warning

It is not yet known whether the horse can be placed in the Horse Stable or Horse Paddock. Whether the Dream Horse will produce foals is also unknown.

Mastery Edit

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Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 5
Level 2 25
Level 3 240
Dream Horse Mastery Sign-icon

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