The Dragon Lair is a building in FarmVille. It was originally released on September 14th, 2012 and you are able to either build it from scratch or purchase it fully constructed. It is used to keep, level and breed all of your dragons.

Materials and Stages Edit

You are going to need 3 new parts (Chisels, Magic Boulders and Talismans) in order to complete it. Once built it will work on the same principles as the Dino Lab and Unicorn Island. You will need to collect different color scales from your news feed or by harvesting your Dragons Lair. The lair can be harvested on a daily basis.

Materials Edit

Chisel Magic Boulder Talisman
Chisel-icon Magic Boulder-icon Talisman-icon

Expansion Edit

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Starter Frame Stage 1 Stage 2 Finished
Stages Dragon Lair Frame-icon Dragon Lair Stage 1-icon Dragon Lair Stage 2-icon Dragon Lair-icon
Chisel 20
Magic Boulder 20
Talisman 20

Using different combinations or Dragon Scales will result in different dragons. The dragons will have different stages they will transform into:

  • 0 Mastery Stars: Infant Dragon
  • 1 Mastery Stars: Grown Dragon
  • 2 Mastery Stars: Dragon grows wings
  • 3 Mastery Stars: Dragon will breathe fire.

The images shown on the seperate Dragon pages and in the Scale table are infant/grown dragons.


Red Scale-icon Orange Scale-icon Green Scale-icon Blue Scale-icon Purple Scale-icon Yellow Scale-icon
Red Scale Orange Scale Green Scale Blue Scale Purple Scale Yellow Scale


Dragon Red Scale
Red Scale-icon
Green Scale
Green Scale-icon
Blue Scale
Blue Scale-icon
Yellow Scale
Yellow Scale-icon
Purple Scale
Purple Scale-icon
Orange Scale
Orange Scale-icon
Presidential Dragon-icon
Presidential Dragon
4 Red Scale-icon
Robalos Dragon-icon
Robalos Dragon
3 Red Scale-icon 3 Green Scale-icon
Glorimir Dragon-icon
Glorimir Dragon
3 Red Scale-icon 3 Green Scale-icon 1 Blue Scale-icon
Beoxas Dragon-icon
Beoxas Dragon
3 Red Scale-icon 3 Green Scale-icon 1 Blue Scale-icon
Mesmeros Dragon-icon
Mesmeros Dragon
3 Red Scale-icon 3 Green Scale-icon 1 Blue Scale-icon 1 Yellow Scale-icon
Katzak Dragon-icon
Katzak Dragon
4 Red Scale-icon 3 Green Scale-icon 1 Blue Scale-icon 1 Yellow Scale-icon
Chef Dragon-icon
Chef Dragon
4 Red Scale-icon 4 Green Scale-icon 2 Blue Scale-icon 1 Yellow Scale-icon
Longwei Dragon-icon
Longwei Dragon
6 Red Scale-icon 6 Green Scale-icon 2 Blue Scale-icon 1 Yellow Scale-icon
Harvok Dragon-icon
Harvok Dragon
6 Red Scale-icon 6 Green Scale-icon 3 Blue Scale-icon 2 Yellow Scale-icon
Drakonag Dragon-icon
Drakonag Dragon
7 Red Scale-icon 6 Green Scale-icon 4 Blue Scale-icon 4 Yellow Scale-icon
Abhavor Dragon-icon
Abhavor Dragon
9 Red Scale-icon 8 Green Scale-icon 4 Blue Scale-icon 5 Yellow Scale-icon 1 Purple Scale-icon
Ormegon Dragon-icon
Ormegon Dragon
10 Red Scale-icon 10 Green Scale-icon 5 Blue Scale-icon 5 Yellow Scale-icon 1 Purple Scale-icon 1 Orange Scale-icon
Tea Party Dragon-icon
Tea Party Dragon
12 Red Scale-icon 13 Green Scale-icon 6 Blue Scale-icon 6 Yellow Scale-icon 2 Purple Scale-icon 2 Orange Scale-icon
Puffonr Dragon-icon
Puffonr Dragon
15 Red Scale-icon 15 Green Scale-icon 9 Blue Scale-icon 9 Yellow Scale-icon 3 Purple Scale-icon 3 Orange Scale-icon
Oruki Dragon-icon
Oruki Dragon
16 Red Scale-icon 16 Green Scale-icon 10 Blue Scale-icon 10 Yellow Scale-icon 4 Purple Scale-icon 4 Orange Scale-icon
Skorthero Dragon-icon
Skorthero Dragon
18 Red Scale-icon 19 Green Scale-icon 11 Blue Scale-icon 11 Yellow Scale-icon 5 Purple Scale-icon 5 Orange Scale-icon
Sondraje Dragon-icon
Sondraje Dragon
20 Red Scale-icon 20 Green Scale-icon 12 Blue Scale-icon 12 Yellow Scale-icon 6 Purple Scale-icon 6 Orange Scale-icon
Yimlius Dragon-icon
Yimlius Dragon
22 Red Scale-icon 22 Green Scale-icon 14 Blue Scale-icon 14 Yellow Scale-icon 7 Purple Scale-icon 7 Orange Scale-icon
Tornado Dragon-icon
Tornado Dragon
23 Red Scale-icon 23 Green Scale-icon 16 Blue Scale-icon 16 Yellow Scale-icon 8 Purple Scale-icon 8 Orange Scale-icon
Kahrmir Dragon-icon
Kahrmir Dragon
26 Red Scale-icon 27 Green Scale-icon 17 Blue Scale-icon 17 Yellow Scale-icon 9 Purple Scale-icon 9 Orange Scale-icon
Sinclor Dragon-icon
Sinclor Dragon
28 Red Scale-icon 29 Green Scale-icon 18 Blue Scale-icon 18 Yellow Scale-icon 10 Purple Scale-icon 10 Orange Scale-icon
Arjeru Dragon-icon
Arjeru Dragon
30 Red Scale-icon 30 Green Scale-icon 20 Blue Scale-icon 20 Yellow Scale-icon 11 Purple Scale-icon 11 Orange Scale-icon
Livyathan Dragon-icon
Livyathan Dragon
35 Red Scale-icon 35 Green Scale-icon 25 Blue Scale-icon 25 Yellow Scale-icon 15 Purple Scale-icon 15 Orange Scale-icon
Urochi Dragon-icon
Urochi Dragon
40 Red Scale-icon 40 Green Scale-icon 30 Blue Scale-icon 30 Yellow Scale-icon 20 Purple Scale-icon 20 Orange Scale-icon

Storage Edit

Main article: Dragon Lair table

Certain animals can be stored and harvested when placed in the Dragon Lair.

Harvesting Edit

When a farmer harvests their Dragon Lair, there is a chance to find a dragon scale or coins (not feed). The more dragons inside your Dragon Lair, the better your chances of finding an scale from that dragon type upon harvest. When you find a scale, you'll have the option to share an extra scale with your friends via your news feed. There are 6 types of Dragon Scales: the Red Scale, Orange Scale, Green Scale, Blue Scale, Purple Scale, and the Yellow Scale.


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