Crop Fertilizer improves a plowed or planted plot by giving the farmer an additional 1 Experience when harvesting. A fertilized plot has a sparkle animation over it and will usually have visibly larger crops.

A farmer can fertilize their own crops by using a Fertilize All item.

Neighbors can fertilize 5 plots per day (timer resets at game midnight) on up to 50 other farms, getting Coin-icon 10 coins and 1 Experience for each plot fertilized. Farmers harvesting a Dairy Farm may find extra bags of fertilizer to post to their feed, and neighbors using this link get twice the usual amount of fertilizer (10 plots worth) to use.

Fertilizing a neighbor's farm (5 plots) gives a total of Coin-icon 50 coins and 5 Experience. Doing the same to 50 farms means a total of Coin-icon 2,500 coins and 250 Experience. Or more, if extra bags of fertilizer from the feed are used.

When fertilizing a neighbor's farm, there is a chance to find extra Fuel or items for the various Collections.

The King of Compost ribbon is earned by harvesting crops that have been fertilized, and fertilizing 5 plots on a neighbor's farm counts as helping one neighbor for the Good Samaritan ribbon.

Introduction Edit

Plots-Fertile Land

Below is Zynga's release announcement (which refers to now-outdated rules):

Hey Farmers!
We're very happy to introduce our latest feature: Crop Fertilizer! How does it work? Simple! Randomly selected users will receive 5 Bags of Fertilizer each day. Those players can then use the fertilizer on crops on their neighbors' farms. Once a crop has been fertilized, it will appear bigger than normal crops and will sparkle. But don't let them wither, fertilized crops reward extra experience points when harvested! We hope you enjoy the new feature, everyone!
Happy Farming!

Updates and Changes Edit

  • Since 16 December 2009 You can fertilize fully grown crops and plowed plots!
  • Since 6 January 2010 You can fertilize max 20 of your neighbors farm.
  • Since 13 January 2010 You can fertilize max 50 of your neighbors farm.
  • As of June 2, 2010, The Fertilization timer has now changed to reset once per day at Midnight.
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