The Crop Mastery Billboard aka Crop Mastery Sign Billboard was originally released on the January 10th, 2012 for the storage of crop mastery signs.

It can store crop mastery signs the way storage buildings such as barns and sheds do, but unlike these which require a Barn Raising to increase the number of items they can store, the storage capacity is increased by collecting building materials, and when fully expanded it can hold up to 5,000 items.


Levels Edit

To build and expand it you need materials such as Light Plywoods, Flood Lights, White Overalls, White Papers, Blue Rollers and White Pastes.

Initial Stage Halfway Done Basic Completion Expansion 1 Expansion 2 Expansion 3 Expansion 4 Fully Finished
Crop Billboard Stage 1-icon Crop Billboard Stage 2-icon Crop Mastery Billboard Stage 3-icon Crop Mastery Billboard Stage 3-icon Crop Mastery Billboard Stage 4-icon Crop Mastery Billboard Stage 4-icon Crop Billboard Stage 5-icon Crop Mastery Billboard Stage 6-icon
0 12 of any kind 8x Light Plywood-icon
8x Black Light-icon
8x White Overalls-icon
10x Light Plywood-icon
10x Black Light-icon
10x White Overalls-icon
14x Light Plywood-icon
14x Black Light-icon
14x White Overalls-icon
18x White Paper-icon
18x Blue Roller-icon
18x White Paste-icon
24x White Paper-icon
24x Blue Roller-icon
24x White Paste-icon
32x White Paper-icon
32x Blue Roller-icon
32x White Paste-icon
Capacity: 0 Capacity: 0 Capacity: 10 Capacity: 25 Capacity: 50 Capacity: 100 Capacity: 200 Capacity: 5,000

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