The Cream Stallion is an animal available on FarmVille. It was released on the September 28, 2011 as a reward for the completion of the Horse Paddock Quest III Sugar High.

It was re-released on the February 15th, 2012 as available to purchase from the market for Cash-icon 30 cash with XP-icon 3,000 experience gain.

Mastery Edit

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Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 3
Level 2 5
Level 3 11
Cream Stallion Mastery Sign-icon

Breeding & Foals Edit


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The Cream Stallion can be stored in the {{{building}}}. The {{{building}}} can be harvested. When harvesting the {{{building}}} containing at least one Cream Stallion, it is possible to find 2 {{{product}}}s, 1 that can be placed or stored in the gift box, and 1 to share via wall post.

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