The Cows Collection is a collection. You can acquire the items when a neighbor posts a Cow Collection item to their News feed. You can also acquire the items when harvesting from Cows, either your own farm and Dairy Farm, or that of a neighbor.

Cow Bell Milking Bucket Milking Stool Milk Bottle More Cowbell
Cow Bell-icon.png
Milking Bucket-icon.png
Milking Stool-icon.png
Milk Bottle-icon.png
More Cowbell-icon.png
Common Common Common Uncommon Rare

Collection Level Coins XP Rewards
Level 1 500 coins 500 coins 50 experience points 50 experience

Level 2 1,000 coins 1,000 coins 100 experience points 100 experience Cow Topiary in Bloom-icon.png
Cow Topiary in Bloom
Level 3 1,500 coins 1,500 coins 150 experience points 150 experience Rainbow Cow-icon.png
Rainbow Cow
Level 4 2,000 coins 2,000 coins 200 experience points 200 experience

Level 5 2,500 coins 2,500 coins 250 experience points 250 experience
Cow Topiary in Bloom-icon.png

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