Cowprint Event
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Start Date: January 5, 2010
End Date: January 13, 2010
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Items released during this event
Animals 0
Buildings 4
Decorations 4
Seeds 0
Trees 0
Avatar Clothing 0
Other 0
Total 8
Description A cow-print pattern themed event.

The Cowprint Event was a FarmVille event that occurred between January 6, 2010 to January 13th, 2010. Several buildings and decorations were released with a cowprint pattern.

Items Edit

During this event, new limited edition items were released, which could be bought from the market or sent as a gift.

Some of these items were re-released for sale in the market as of April 5, 2010. These are: Milk Jug, Cowprint Potty, Cowprint Barn, Cowprint Shed, Cowprint Silo, and Cowprint Tower.

Image Item Cost Type
Cowprint Barn-icon Cowprint Barn Cash-icon 28 cash building
Cowprint Shed-icon Cowprint Shed Cash-icon 24 cash building
Cowprint Dairy-icon Cowprint Dairy Cash-icon 22 cash building
Cowprint Silo-icon Cowprint Silo Coin-icon 20,000 coins building
Cowprint Potty-icon Cowprint Potty Cash-icon 10 cash decoration
Cowprint Balloon-icon Cowprint Balloon Cash-icon 18 cash decoration
Cowprint Tower-icon Cowprint Tower Cash-icon 16 cash decoration
Milk Jug-icon Milk Jug I gift Gifting decoration
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