The Country Fair Event (2009) occurred between November 20, 2009 and December 3, 2009.

Items[edit | edit source]

During this event, new carnival/fair-themed limited edition items were released, which could be bought from the Market or sent as a gift:

Image Item Cost Type
Carnival Tent-icon.png Carnival Tent 12,000 coins 12,000 coins building
Ticket Booth-icon.png Ticket Booth 4,000 coins 4,000 coins building
Ferris Wheel (decoration)-icon.png Ferris Wheel (decoration) 42 cash 42 cash building
Free Fall Ride-icon.png Free Fall Ride 50 cash 50 cash decoration
Deluxe Carousel-icon.png Deluxe Carousel 35 cash 35 cash decoration
Super Spin Ride-icon.png Super Spin Ride 27 cash 27 cash decoration
Farm Float-icon.png Farm Float 17 cash 17 cash decoration
FarmVille Float-icon.png FarmVille Float 20,000 coins 20,000 coins decoration
Balloon Stand-icon.png Balloon Stand 9 cash 9 cash decoration
Cotton Candy (decoration)-icon.png Cotton Candy 2,000 coins 2,000 coins decoration
Racing Booth-icon.png Racing Booth 3,000 coins 3,000 coins decoration
Milk Bottle Game-icon.png Milk Bottle Game 3,000 coins 3,000 coins decoration
Popcorn Stand-icon.png Popcorn Stand 2,500 coins 2,500 coins decoration
Carousel-icon.png Carousel Golden Mystery Egg decoration
Animal Float-icon.png Animal Float Golden Mystery Egg decoration
Green Flag-icon.png Green Flag I gift.png Gifting decoration
Red Flag-icon.png Red Flag I gift.png Gifting decoration
Yellow Flag-icon.png Yellow Flag I gift.png Gifting decoration
Blue Flag-icon.png Blue Flag I gift.png Gifting decoration
Purple Flag-icon.png Purple Flag I gift.png Gifting decoration
White Flag-icon.png White Flag I gift.png Gifting decoration
Orange Flag-icon.png Orange Flag I gift.png Gifting decoration
Elephant-icon.png Baby Elephant I gift.png Gifting Animal

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