The Combine is a vehicle in FarmVille. Unlike most other vehicles, this Combine requires Level 31 XP-icon to purchase, but requires Level 41 XP-icon to upgrade past 3x3 in size. A Combine costs Coin-icon 500,000 coins and earns a farmer XP-icon 5,000 experience.

This version is a buildable one for users. Purchase the chassis, place it on your farm and then add vehicle parts to it until its fully created. Once it is finished, it can be placed in the garage, where you can begin to upgrade it from a 2x2, to a 4x4 coverage.

This Combine will be extremely handy for users as it's an all-in-one Harvester, Plow, and Seeder. Do all three (harvest, plow, and seed) with a single click.

It consumes as much fuel as the three other vehicles combined, 3 units of fuel per plot. This is also better since it does all the work work of three machines, but costs less than all prices put together.

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Combine Chassis Building Complete


Combine1-icon Combine-icon

Upgrading Edit

Requirements to upgrade: Size Level req
40 parts to build / 40FC 2x2 31
6 parts 3x2 31
21 parts (+15) 3x3 31
51 parts (+30) 4x3 41
96 parts (+45) 4x4 41
Total: 136 parts

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