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Clutch Bouquet
Clutch Bouquet-icon

—Image © Zynga
First date available: unknown
Last Date Available available
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-umbrella for template instructions
Creation Time: 16 hours
Source(s): Craftshop
Sell: See Table to left
Ingredients Coral Geranium-icon
Coral Geranium x5

Red Orchid-icon
Red Orchid x6

Orange Marigold-icon
Orange Marigold x5

Clutch Bouquet is a recipe in FarmVille.

Recipe Edit

Building Stars Ingredients Product
Craftshop 0
Coral Geranium Bushel-icon

5x Coral Geranium
Red Orchid Bushel-icon

6x Red Orchid
Orange Marigold Bushel-icon

5x Orange Marigold
Clutch Bouquet-icon

Clutch Bouquet

Mastery Edit

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Craft Mastery was released on August 26th, 2010. Upon reaching 1 star mastery, farmers were given a mastery sign for the recipe. The sign would automatically upgrade to the next sign on leveling to the correct item level.

For each new mastery sign/new star on the mastery sign, a farmer received XP & Coins as a reward.

Progress Item Level required XP Reward Coin Reward Image
1 star {{{1}}} 500 1,000
2 star {{{2}}} 1,000 2,500
3 star {{{3}}} 1,500 5,000
4 star {{{4}}} 3,000 10,000
5 star {{{5}}} 4,500 25,000


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