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Clothing is a feature in FarmVille which allows one's avatar to have its own clothes.The clothes are available to level 1 farmers and above. Some are for free and can be found in farmer's inventory, while others can be purchased from the Market for Template:Cash or Template:Coin.

Permanent Edit

Limited Time Edit

  • Limited Edition Costumes are released during certain events.


  • There is no distinction in clothing styles. Male characters can wear Female Clothing if they so desire, and vice versa

Rewards (Style Maven) Edit

Yellow FV Shirt-icon White FV Shirt-icon Red FV Shirt-icon Blue FV Shirt-icon

These Shirts were introduced as rewards for the Style Maven, and they can't be purchased.

The Style Maven achievement was introduced on October 14, 2010. Each ribbon requires a certain number of Clothing to be purchased.

In January 2011, these shirts were made available in the market and could be purchased for Coin-icon 50 coins each.

Ribbon Color Clothing Purchase Coins XP Share the Wealth Reward
Yellow Ribbon-icon
5 Coin-icon 1,000 coins XP-icon 25 experience Coin-icon 50 coins
Yellow FV Shirt-icon
White Ribbon-icon
10 Coin-icon 2,500 coins XP-icon 50 experience Coin-icon 100 coins
White FV Shirt-icon
Red Ribbon-icon
20 Coin-icon 5,000 coins XP-icon 75 experience Coin-icon 250 coins
Red FV Shirt-icon
Blue Ribbon-icon
40 Coin-icon 10,000 coins XP-icon 1,000 experience Coin-icon 500 coins
Blue FV Shirt-icon
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