The Close Encounter Event occurred between November 3, 2009 and November 8, 2009. Limited edition space-themed decorations were available, as well as the B0V1NE-09.

Items Edit

During this event, new alien-themed limited edition items were released, which could be bought from the Market or sent as a gift:

Image Name Cost Type
Crashed UFO-icon Crashed UFO Cash-icon 30 cash Decoration
B0V1NE-09-icon B0V1NE-09 Coin-icon 2,400 coins Animal
Green Calf-icon Green Calf Breeding Animal
Crop Circle I-icon Crop Circle I Coin-icon 4,000 coins Decoration
Crop Circle II-icon Crop Circle II Coin-icon 7,000 coins Decoration
Crop Circle III-icon Crop Circle III Coin-icon 7,000 coins Decoration
Crop Circle IV-icon Crop Circle IV Coin-icon 10,000 coins Decoration
Crop Cow-icon Crop Cow Cash-icon 20 cash Decoration
Crop Duck-icon Crop Duck Cash-icon 20 cash Decoration
Red Gazing Ball-icon Red Gazing Ball I gift Gifting Decoration
Blue Gazing Ball-icon Blue Gazing Ball I gift Gifting Decoration
Green Gazing Ball-icon Green Gazing Ball I gift Gifting Decoration


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