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| style="text-align: center;"| [[File:Zesty Pony-icon.png|80px]]<br />[[Zesty Pony]]
| style="text-align: center;"| [[File:Zesty Pony-icon.png|80px]]<br />[[Zesty Pony]]

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Bubble Gum Juicer Sherbet Fruit Wedges Citrus Peel
Bubble Gum-icon Juicer-icon Sherbet-icon Fruit Wedges-icon Citrus Peel-icon
Common Common Common Uncommon Rare

Collection Level Coins XP Rewards
Level 1 Coin-icon 500 coins XP-icon 50 experience Arborist-icon
Level 2 Coin-icon 1,000 coins XP-icon 100 experience Citrus Archway-icon
Citrus Archway
Level 3 Coin-icon 1,500 coins XP-icon 150 experience Zesty Pony-icon
Zesty Pony
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