The Citi ThankYou Rewards are rewards that came out of the strategic relationship between Citigroup Inc® and Zynga announced in December 2010. This will allow customers to use ThankYou Points from the Citi® ThankYou Rewards Program, to pay for limited edition virtual goods, as well as physical and virtual game cards for Zynga's games. [1]

Zynga and Citi Partnership Loadbar

Rewards Edit

The specific redemption offers will start at 600 points and the goods immediately available include:

Purple Harvester-icon
Purple Harvester
(1400 points) Vehicle
Purple Tractor-icon
Purple Tractor
(800 points)
Red Pinto Horse-icon
Red Pinto Horse
(1000 points)
Toggenburg Goat-icon
Toggenburg Goat
(600 points)
(1900 points)
20 Fuel Refill
(1400 points)
Mystery Game Dart-icon
Mystery Game Dart
(600 points)
Mystery Game
Universal Zynga Game Card
Zynga Game Cards
$25 physical Zynga Game Cards
(3500 points)
Game Cards
Universal Zynga E-Game Card
Zynga Game Cards
$10 virtual Zynga Game Cards
(1500 points)
Game Cards
FarmVille Game Card
FarmVille Game Cards
$25 physical FarmVille Game Cards
(3500 points)
Game Cards
FarmVille E-Game Card
FarmVille E-Game Cards
$10 virtual FarmVille Game Cards
(1500 points)
Game Cards

Membership & Redemption Edit

You can search and redeem these items through:

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