Cherry Basket is a crafting good in FarmVille.

Acquisition Edit

A Cherry Basket can be found as a random bonus when harvesting Cherry Trees.

Crafting Edit

Cherry Baskets are used for the following recipes:

Building Stars Ingredients Product
Craftshop 0
Strawberry Bushel-icon

4x Strawberry Bushel
Tomato Bushel-icon

4x Tomato Bushel
Cherry Basket-icon

2x Cherry Basket
Love Potion-icon
1x Love Potion
Craftshop 0
Cherry Basket-icon

4x Cherry Basket
Fava Beans Bushel-icon

5x Fava Beans Bushel
Cranberry Bushel-icon

2x Cranberry Bushel
Grape Food-icon

Grape Food
Craftshop 0
Cherry Basket-icon

2x Cherry Basket
Coffee Bushel-icon

4x Coffee Bushel
Peanut Bushel-icon

3x Peanut Bushel
Lamp Post-icon

Lamp Post
Craftshop 0
Cotton Bushel-icon

1x Cotton
Soybean Bushel-icon

3x Soybeans
Cherry Basket-icon

1x Cherry Basket


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