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Carrier Pigeons are a decoration available in FarmVille. A farmer will find it in his gift box once he has subscribed to e-mail updates. This decoration was released on January 28, 2010. Since then, people who could not be a part of the offer can still obtain it by purchasing it from the Market.It is based on the real-life Rock pigeon, bred and trained to deliver letters. Because it cannot be harvested, it is not considered an Animal.

Animation Edit

When the Carrier Pigeons are clicked on there is an option that says "Fly!" When clicked, a pigeon flies off its perch and in a
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Flying in action

circle, finally landing back on the perch

Trivia Edit

When two Carrier Pigeons are put next to each other, it looks as if it is one big bird house.

Carrier Pigeons Double

Two Carrier Pigeons attached to each other.

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