Caroling Village
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Farm: all
Required minimum level(s): see Template:infobox-quest for template instructions
First Available: December 4, 2012
Last Available: December 25, 2012
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The Caroling Village is a new multistage Escapade feature in FarmVille. It was originally released on December 4th, 2012. It's located on outer right side of farm. It have 12 stages that have different duration and difficulties.

Stage 1Edit

  • Requirements: Get 6 Coin Purses-icon Coin Purses, 6 Accounting Sheets-icon Accounting Sheets and 8 Firecoals-icon Firecoals
Scrooge Dodo-icon

Stage 2Edit

  • Requirements: Ask 4 Add Friend-icon friends for help
Orphan Chipmunk-icon

Stage 3Edit

  • Requirements: Get 6 Haunted Knockers-icon Haunted Knockers
Marley Ghost Cat-icon

Stage 4Edit

  • Requirements: Get 4 Carol Candles-icon Carol Candles, 6 Bed Robes-icon Bed Robes and 6 Carol Slippers-icon Carol Slippers
Tree Of Christmas Past-icon

Stage 5Edit

  • Requirements: Invite 4 Add Friend-icon friends
Fezziwig Hippo-icon

Stage 6Edit

  • Requirements: Get 8 Candle Extinguishers-icon Candle Extinguishers
Belle Mink-icon

Stage 7Edit

  • Requirements: Invite 5 Add Friend-icon friends
Caroling Sheep 2-icon

Stage 8Edit

  • Requirements: Get 4 Holly Wreaths-icon Holly Wreaths, 6 Cornucopia 2-icon Cornucopia and Feast Food-icon Feast Food
Christmas Present Cow-icon

Stage 9Edit

  • Requirements: Get 8 Dinning Room Sets-icon Dinning Room Sets
Cratchits Home-icon

Stage 10Edit

  • Requirements: Invite 5 Add Friend-icon friends
Christmas Future Pig-icon

Stage 11Edit

  • Requirements: Get 10 Spectre Smokes-icon Spectre Smokes
Dark Christmas Tree-icon

Stage 12Edit

  • Requirements: Get 8 Christmas Casseroles-icon Christmas Casseroles, 7 Christmas Carols-icon Christmas Carols and 10 Christmas Spirits-icon Christmas Spirits
Cheerful Scroogicorn Foal-icon