The Candy Shop is a voting building. It was originally released on July 29th 2013. It had 12 questions. Each answer had a choice of 2 options -- one for Ice Cream Parlor personality and the other for Corner Candy Store personality.


Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Candy Shop-icon
Ice Cream Parlor Personality Corner Candy Store Personality
Ice Cream Parlor-icon Corner Candy Store-icon


Question 1Edit

Would I prefer Jelly Beans or Gum Drops?

Jelly Beary-icon Gumdrop Hedgehog-icon
Jelly Beary Gumdrop Hedgehog

Question 2Edit

Would I like Vanilla ice cream or Rocky Road?

Candy Floss Alpaca-icon Giant Rocky Road Ladybug-icon
Candy Floss Alpaca Giant Rocky Road Ladybug

Question 3Edit

Would I like Saltwater Taffy or Hard Candy?

Giant Taffy Butterfly-icon Hard Candy Hermit Crab-icon
Giant Taffy Butterfly Hard Candy Hermit Crab

Question 4Edit

Would I prefer a Root Beer Float or a Strawberry Milkshake?

Root Beer Gnome-icon Strawberry Shake Gnome-icon
Root Beer Gnome Strawberry Shake Gnome

Question 5Edit

Would I prefer a Maccaroon or a Mint Chip Cookie?

Maccaroon Babboon-icon Mint Chip Chimp-icon
Maccaroon Babboon Mint Chip Chimp

Question 6Edit

Would I rather have a Popsicle or an Ice Cream Bar?

Double Popsicle Tree-icon Ice Cream Bar Tree-icon
Double Popsicle Tree Ice Cream Bar Tree

Question 7Edit

Would I prefer Blackberry Peach Cobbler or Cherry Pie Alamode?

Blackberry Peach Pig-icon Cherry Pie Pig-icon
Blackberry Peach Pig Cherry Pie Pig

Question 8Edit

Would I rather have White Chocolate or Milk Chocolate?

White Chocolate Stag-icon Milk Chocolate Moose-icon
White Chocolate Stag Milk Chocolate Moose

Question 9Edit

Would I prefer Red Licorice or Black Licorice?

Red Licorice Fox-icon Black Licorice Panther-icon
Red Licorice Fox Black Licorice Panther

Question 10Edit

Would I rather have Cinnamon Candy or Mint Candy?

Cinnamonkey-icon Cool Mint Coyote-icon
Cinnamonkey Cool Mint Coyote

Question 11Edit

Would I prefer a Blondie Brownie or Marshmallow Fudge?

Blondie Horse-icon Marshmallow Fudge Mustang-icon
Blondie Horse Marshmallow Fudge Mustang

Question 12Edit

Would I rather have Pink Frosting or Blue Frosting?

Pink Frosted Pegacorn-icon Blue Frosted Pegacorn-icon
Pink Frosted Pegacorn Blue Frosted Pegacorn

Final RewardEdit

In this voting building, the number of left and right answers do not affect the final reward since it is the same for both - a Book Of XP.


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