Candy Canes for the Kids
Candy Canes for the Kids-icon

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Job Information
First date available: April 2, 2010
Last date available: May 31, 2013
Type of Job reward
Join Level see Template:infobox-co-op_job for template instructions
Description Grow Candy Cane to contribute in the UCSF cause
Seed and
Candy Cane-icon x 1000
Gold Medal-icon 1 days 0 hours
Coin-icon 700 coins
800 XP
Silver Medal-icon 2 days 0 hours
Coin-icon 600 coins
650 XP
Bronze Medal-icon 3 days 0 hours
Coin-icon 500 coins
500 XP
Special Reward Candy Cane Sheep-icon
Candy Cane Sheep

Candy Canes for the Kids was a limited edition co-op job. It was released on December 01st, 2010. To complete this co-op Farmers were required to harvest 1,000 Candy Canes. The reward was a Candy Cane Sheep.

Players needed to have an active Candy Cane license to start or join this Co-Op.

The story reads as follows: I volunteer at the children's hospital. We try to make trips to the doctor more fun by handing out candy canes for our young patients during the holiday season. Will you help by growing Candy Canes?
When finished:

Just like the Sowing Seeds for Haiti Job, A Farmer can get a Gold Medal Easy if they have enough Plowed Plots on their Field just by doing the job themselves.

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