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First date available: unknown
Last date available: present
Required minimum level(s): Player Level: 1
World Location: all
Tile: cannot be placed

Bushels are available for any non-Limited Edition crops, (and for certain Limited Edition crops, such as: White Pumpkins, Cupid Corn, and Green Roses). Bushels can be found randomly while harvesting, or by taking them from your friends' Farmer's Markets.


Once used, the effect of the bushel lasts for only 2 hours.


Bushels are stored in your Farmer's Market. The first market stall has a capacity of 100 bushels, and each additional market stall grants the ability to have 25 more bushels, for a total of 400.

Farmville has now made it possible to expand your market stalls, using 10 Awnings, 10 Baskets, and 10 Price Cards per expansion. The exact storage limit is now unknown, but it is well over 700.

If you need space for more bushels, you can 'Share' undesired bushels with your neighbors.

The Bushels in English Countryside and home farm were separate, but it is now consolidated. So are the number of market stalls you have on various maps.


You can purchase up to 3 bushels per neighbor every 24 hours, however you can only purchase a maximum of 300 bushels from your neighbors every 24 hours. This 24 hour timer is reset at Midnight EST every day. Bushels are not removed from your inventory when purchased and do not cost anything. You will be rewarded, with a choice of coins, fuel or XP whenever a neighbor purchases bushels from your stall.

There is no number of harvested plots which will guarantee a bushel - Bushels are 100% random. When you find a Bushel, you are rewarded an extra number of them equal to the number of mastery stars you have for the crop you are harvesting.

Super Crops produce more frequent bushels of the same type as the base crop. For example, Super Carrots produce Carrot bushels. As a trade-off, using a bushel does not boost the rate you gain crop mastery for super crops.


  • Use before harvesting to gain an additional 1 Mastery Point per plot for 2 hours if the crop is not yet fully mastered (works with Double Mastery Weekend)
  • Use before harvesting to receive XP for each crop (if that crop is fully mastered)
    • Note: If you master a crop while using a bushel, you must refresh your FarmVille page for the bonus to switch to XP or you can use another bushel of the same type.
  • Use to get a license to plant that crop if you're not a high enough level to plant it. (This is similar to the permit.
  • Can be used to create items in Crafting Buildings

Market Bushels[]

This table is in the order wherein the seeds appear in the Market.

Hybrid Bushels[]

This table is in the order wherein the seeds appear in the Greenhouse.

Bushels of Limited Edition Crops[]

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