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Buildings are structures of various sizes and shapes that are available to purchase at the Market, which is why we chose the expand farm logo as the picture, as opposed to an actual building. Buildings at the Market are categorized in Animal, Storage, Crafting, Decorative and Home buildings. In the table below all categories are to be found, BUT not the Crafting buildings, which in turn can create goods from recipies applied to your Bushels.

Buildings are mostly used for looks, making your farm appear lived on. There are a few benefits for purchasing buildings for your farm, such as earning Experience and Ribbons. FarmVille has begun to implement "Buildings That Matter" to increase the convenience and enjoyment of Farming. These buildings can help with the management of animals and bunches of flowers, and with the storage of decorations and of other buildings.

When a farmer buys a building, they will receive 1% of the cost (in coins) back as experience. For example, a Red Barn, costing 40,000 coins 40,000 coins will give 400 experience points 400 experience. This means that, whatever building a farmer chooses to buy, they will receive the same amount of experience per coin spent.

The Lights Decorator automatically themes any building it is used on.

According to the Zynga's podcast of May 18, 2010, all buildings, with the exception of those storing animals, will become rotatable.

As in June 16th update, most of the Farmville buildings are now rotatable.


Ribbons associated with buildings include:

Building Statistics[]

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Chicken Coops and Cow Barns are available for harvest in 1 FarmVille day (23 hours).