The Botanical Garden is a limited edition building that was released on April 30th, 2010. Similar to the Horse Stable and Maison Frame, the Botanical Garden must be built. The empty frame can be purchased in the market for Coin-icon 5,000 coins and comes with one random building piece. The completed building can be purchased for 50 FarmVille Cash. Individual building pieces can be purchased for 1 cash each. Once a foundation had been acquired, farmers can receive help from their neighbors by gifts of building materials. A total of 50 building materials are needed before the Botanical Garden is built.

This is not a "functional" building such as a Dairy Farm, but a building used as a Decoration, but like the Maison it can be put into storage after it is built.

The Botanical garden needs 10 each of the following giftable items: Irrigation Pipe, Green Beam, Glass Sheet, White Trellis, Floral Bracket. Note: building a Botanical Garden is now ended.

Irrigation Pipe-icon Green Beam-icon Glass Sheet-icon White Trellis-icon Floral Bracket-icon
Irrigation Pipe (10) Green Beam (10) Glass Sheet (10) White Trellis (10)

Floral Bracket (10)

Stages Edit

Botanical Garden 1-icon Botanical Garden 2-icon Botanical Garden 3-icon
Frame 50% complete Completed

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