Black Sheep are lost animals that wander onto farms. Farmers have the option to help the animal or send it away. By helping it, it becomes available for a farmer's neighbors to adopt.

A black sheep takes 3 days to grow and produces wool, similar to a sheep. However, unlike a normal sheep, a black sheep will give a farmer Coin-icon 56 coins, twice the amount a normal sheep would give.


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Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 16
Level 2
Level 3 58
Black Sheep Mastery Sign-icon


Black Sheep are available for adoption.

On October 27th, 2010, it also became available as one of the animals that can be obtained using the Animal Trough.

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Image Status Update
Found Black Sheep

—Image © Zynga
Player was farming when a lonely Black Sheep wandered onto their farm in FarmVille. This poor sheep was abandoned because she's a bit different from other sheep. She feels very sad and

needs a new home.

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The Black Sheep appears on the Milk Bottle Game, Hot Air Balloon, and Wood Swing.

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  • The pop up that shows when you save the Black Sheep.

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