The Birthday Event (2011) celebrates the second birthday of FarmVille. The event started on June 7, 2011. Similar to previous events, there was a Birthday Countdown! in which you could collect twelve prizes by asking your neighbors for them in order to receive a special reward.

A series of birthday related goals was released during the event, starting with the goal Happy Birthday to FarmVille.


Birthday Countdown Edit

As with the Spring Countdown!, the Birthday Countdown consists of collecting 12 daily prizes to gain a special prize.

Day Item
Day 1
Day 2 Cowprint Balloon Arch-icon
Cowprint Balloon Arch
Day 3 Lamppost-icon
Day 4 Blue Bird-icon
Blue Bird
Day 5 Orange Duck-icon
Orange Duck
Day 6 Bird Bath Fountain-icon
Bird Bath Fountain
Day 7 Garden Shelter-icon
Garden Shelter
Day 8 Bicycle Planter-icon
Bicycle Planter
Day 9 Flower Bed (Birthday Countdown)-icon
Flower Bed
Day 10 Ivy Archway-icon
Ivy Archway
Day 11 Bench Planter-icon
Bench Planter
Day 12 FV Haybale-icon
FV Haybale
Reward Blue Mane Gypsy Horse-icon
Blue Mane Gypsy Horse


New items were released during the event.

Image Item Cost Type
Birthday Cake (crop)-icon Birthday Cake (crop) Cash-icon 10 cash* seed
Cupcakes-icon Cupcakes Coin-icon 25 coins seed
Party Horse-icon Party Horse Cash-icon 16 cash animal
Party Cat-icon Party Cat Cash-icon 12 cash animal
Party Chicken-icon Party Chicken Cash-icon 20 cash animal
Blue Ponytail Horse-icon Blue Ponytail Horse Cash-icon 18 cash animal
Purple Bedazzled Horse-icon Purple Bedazzled Cash-icon 20 cash animal
Purple Pegasus-icon Purple Pegasus Cash-icon 25 cash animal
Clown Pony-icon Clown Pony Cash-icon 24 cash animal
Boar (Candycane)-icon Boar (Candycane) Cash-icon 25 cash animal
Ram (Candycane)-icon Ram (Candycane) Cash-icon 30 cash animal
Balloon House-icon Balloon House Cash-icon 25 cash building
Surprise Cake-icon Surprise Cake Cash-icon 6 cash decoration
Party Tent-icon Party Tent Coin-icon 300,000 coins decoration
Cake Topiary-icon Cake Topiary Coin-icon 10,000 coins decoration
Birthday Bouquet-icon Birthday Bouquet Coin-icon 12,000 coins decoration
Cider Fountain-icon Cider Fountain Cash-icon 15 cash decoration
Birthday Wagon-icon Birthday Wagon Cash-icon 7 cash decoration
Pink Whisper Willow-icon Pink Whisper Willow Cash-icon 3 cash decoration
Balloon Gnome-icon Balloon Gnome Coin-icon 150,000 coins decoration
Animal Balloons-icon Animal Balloons Cash-icon 7 cash decoration
Party Table-icon Party Table Coin-icon 50,000 coins decoration
Balloon Sheep-icon Balloon Sheep Coin-icon 100,000 coins decoration
Cupcake Tree-icon Cupcake Tree Cash-icon 4 cash Tree
Giant Cupcake Tree-icon Giant Cupcake Tree Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Giant Confetti Tree-icon Giant Confetti Tree Cash-icon 3 cash Tree
Giant Disco Ball Tree-icon Giant Disco Ball Tree Cash-icon 6 cash Tree
Purple Bubble Gum Tree-icon Purple Bubble Gum Tree Cash-icon 3 cash Tree
Giant Purple Bubble Gum Tree-icon Giant Purple Bubble Gum Tree Cash-icon 6 cash Tree
Red Gem Tree-icon Red Gem Tree Cash-icon 4 cash Tree
Giant Red Gem Tree-icon Giant Red Gem Tree Cash-icon 8 cash Tree
Ice Cream Tree-icon Ice Cream Tree Cash-icon 7 cash Tree
Giant Ice Cream Tree-icon Giant Ice Cream Tree Cash-icon 12 cash Tree
Giant Cotton Candy Tree-icon Giant Cotton Candy Tree Cash-icon 5 cash Tree
Giant Snowcone Tree-icon Giant Snowcone Tree Cash-icon 10 cash Tree
  • - It costs Cash-icon 10 cash to unlock this seed. Then, you can plant them during one week (7 days). When the 7 days have passed, player needs to pay Cash-icon 10 cash again to plant.

Quests Edit

FarmVille released 3 quests for this event. They are:

  1. Happy Birthday to FarmVille
  2. FarmVille Turns Two
  3. And Many More!

The rewards for completing these quests were, by order, a Birthday Gnome, a Mini Party Horse and a Birthday Trophy.

FarmVille Birthday Classics Edit

Main article: FarmVille Birthday Classics

The FarmVille Birthday Classics is a subset of the Birthday Event which, daily, presented different themes and events. The theme is only available for 1 day (24 hours) until another theme is presented. Basically it was like the 7 Days of Summer Event.

Birthday Mystery (items) Edit

Along with this event, FarmVille made some special mystery items to players.

Swiss Birthday Mystery Animal Crate - June 14th
Swiss Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Valentine Mini-icon
Valentine Mini
Pinto Mini Horse-icon
Pinto Mini Horse
Black Mini Stallion-icon
Black Mini Stallion
Miniature Stallion-icon
Miniature Stallion
Mini Candycane-icon
Mini Candycane

New England Birthday Mystery Box - June 15th
Birthday Mystery Box-icon
XP-icon 300 experience +
Elf Gnome-icon
Elf Gnome
Platinum Gnome-icon
Platinum Gnome
Vampire Gnome-icon
Vampire Gnome
Bride Gnome-icon
Bride Gnome
Cowgirl Gnome-icon
Cowgirl Gnome
Chrome Gnome-icon
Chrome Gnome

Birthday Gift - June 16th
Birthday Gift-icon
Party Duck-icon
Party Duck
Birthday Balloon Sign-icon
Birthday Balloon Sign
Arjuna Tree-icon
Arjuna Tree
Fertilize All-icon
Fertilize All
Ossabaw Pig-icon
Ossabaw Pig

Summer Mystery Box - June 16th
Summer Mystery Box-icon
Rainbow Bridge-icon
Rainbow Bridge
Koi Pond-icon
Koi Pond
Backyard Pool-icon
Backyard Pool
Froggy Pond-icon
Froggy Pond
Mirror Lake-icon
Mirror Lake
Wildflower Falls-icon
Wildflower Falls

German Mystery Animal Crate - June 17th
German Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Camargue Horse-icon
Camargue Horse
Mongolian Horse-icon
Mongolian Horse
Black Stallion-icon
Black Stallion
Welsh Pony-icon
Welsh Pony
Black Shire Horse-icon
Black Shire Horse
Falabella Horse-icon
Falabella Horse

Birthday Gift II - June 17th
Birthday Gift II-icon
Birthday Ewe-icon
Birthday Ewe
B-Day Fireworks-icon
B-Day Fireworks
Durian Tree-icon
Durian Tree

West Wild Mystery Animal Crate - June 18th
West Wild Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Welsh Mountain Sheep-icon
Welsh Mountain Sheep
Ewe (Orange)-icon
Orange Ewe
Lantern Sheep-icon
Lantern Sheep
Valentine Sheep-icon
Valentine Sheep
Ewe (Pastel Purple)-icon
Pastel Purple Ewe
Ewe (Yellow)-icon
Yellow Ewe

Agricultural Alchemy Mystery Animal Crate - June 19th
Agricultural Alchemy Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Eider Duck-icon
Eider Duck
Male Mandarin Duck-icon
Male Mandarin
Chrome Duck-icon
Chrome Duck
Welsh Harlequin-icon
Welsh Harlequin
Green Winged Teal-icon
Green Winged Teal
Tufted Duck-icon
Tufted Duck

Fairy Tale Mystery Animal Crate - June 22nd
Fairy Tale Mystery Animal Crate-icon
Pink Unicorn-icon
Pink Unicorn
Candy Cane Unicorn-icon
Candy Cane Unicorn
Purple Unicorn-icon
Purple Unicorn
Shamrock Unicorn-icon
Shamrock Unicorn
White Unicorn-icon
White Unicorn
Yellow Unicorn-icon
Yellow Unicorn

Birthday Gift III - June 22nd
Light Blue Birthday Gift-icon
Rainbow Apple Tree-icon
Rainbow Apple Tree
Heart Bear-icon
Heart Bear
Party Pig-icon
Party Pig
Love Potion-icon
Love Potion

Birthday Gift IV - July
Birthday Gift IV-icon
Rainbow Apple Tree-icon
Rainbow Apple Tree
Heart Bear-icon
Heart Bear
Durian Tree-icon
Durian Tree
Party Duck-icon
Party Duck
Birthday Ewe-icon
Birthday Ewe

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