{{infobox-tree | grow_time = 48 | xp_gain_type1 = home | xp_gain_amt1 = 15 | sell_curr_type1 = coin | sell_curr_amt1 = 75 | harvest_curr_type1 = coin | harvest_curr_amt1 = 150 | cost_curr_type1 = cash | cost_curr_amt1 = 10 | classified_as = Level 2 | source =Mystery Seedling | parent = Wild Cherry Tree, [[Bird Cherry Tree | offspring = Bird Cherry Tree }} The Bird Cherry Tree is a tree in FarmVille.

Acquisition Edit

FarmVille English Countryside-icon

The subject of this section was part of the English Countryside Event, an Event that lasted from March 22nd, 2011 to May 22nd, 2011. Not to be confused with the English Countryside expansion. Since the event has run its course, this may no longer be available.

It was released on May 8, 2011 as part of the English Countryside Event, and was on the Market for 13 days.

Mystery SeedlingEdit

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The Bird Cherry Tree can be stored in the Orchard. The Orchard can be harvested every 2 days. When harvesting Orchards that contain at least one Bird Cherry Tree, it is possible to find a Mystery Seedling or 2 Watering Cans.This tree is classified as level 2, meaning that the seedling produced for the original player's farm is a Bird Cherry Tree seedling, but the seedlings produced for friends is random.

Mastery Edit

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Mastery Level Mastery Points
Level 1 75
Level 2 150
Level 3 225
Bird Cherry Tree Mastery Sign-icon

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